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Leash law for city of wichita

Leash law for city of wichita

The leash law is a provision in the code of the City of Wichita that prohibits certain domestic animals from roaming free. The leash law (City Code 6.04.040a) states that “Any owner of any animal, other than cats, found running at large within the corporate limits of the city shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.” Section 6 of the code also defines “running at large” as “any animal that is not confined within a fenced enclosure or shelter or under the control of a person, either by lead, cord, rope, or chain; provided, that an animal may be considered confined if it is on a leash, rope, or chain which is sufficient to keep the animal on the premises where picketed.” The law goes on to include electronic fencing as adequate confinement if “the premises of the owner are clearly and prominently marked to show the existence of the electronic fencing system and the animal is equipped with the necessary and operating components of the system required to confine the animal to the owner’s property.”

What that means is that all animals except cats must be confined by either a leash, rope, chain, fenced area (conventional or electronic), or inside a dwelling 24 hours a day and not allowed to roam free without the benefit of one or more of these types of restraint.


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