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Prime options in the united states

Prime options in the united states


TRICARE Prime is offered in Prime service areas—geographic areas typically located around a military treatment facility—throughout the country.

TRICARE Prime Remote

In non-Prime service areas, which are generally 30 minute drive-time or 30 miles from the nearest MTF, TRICARE offers TRICARE Prime Remote. Enrollment is normally with a network provider when available; otherwise, enrollment is with a TRICARE authorized provider who manages all of your care. Any TRICARE-eligible family members living with you in a TRICARE Prime Remote area can enroll in TRICARE Prime Remote for active duty family members. Be sure to include them on the enrollment form.



Managed Care Support Partner

Call Toll-Free


North Health Net Federal Services, Inc. 877-874-2273
South Humana Military Healthcare Services, Inc. 800-444-5445
West TriWest Healthcare Alliance 888-874-9378


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