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Tips for flying with a dog or cat

Tips for flying with a dog or cat


  • It is a good idea to take your pet for a health checkup prior to flying. You will want your veterinarian to make sure that your pet is in top condition and all vaccinations are up to date. It is mandatory to see your vet if you are flying internationally.
  • Never give your pet a medical (prescription) sedative. If you want your pet to be more relaxed, then give it a natural pet calmer. Many airlines will refuse to ship a pet that has been sedated.
  • If your pet tends toward motion sickness, limit food intake until you have reached your destination. Be sure that your pet gets some hydration prior to travel. It is best to accomplish this at home if possible.
  • Always purchase your pet carrier or pet crate well in advance of your trip so that the pet can get used to it. Measure your pet from tip of nose to base of tail and from top of head to floor in order to select the proper size carrier. The airlines will require that your pet be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier.
  • Be sure to tell the airline you will be flying with a pet when you make your reservation as they impose restrictions on the number of pets on a specific flight. You must make your reservations on the telephone. You cannot make reservations for your pet online.
  • Even though air travel can be stressful for your pet, both planning and preparation will make things easier for you both. More information on airline travel tips can be found in our articles on pet travel.
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