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Marine Corps Systems Command, in conjunction with the Corps’ Program Executive Officer Land Systems, outfits Marines with everything they drive, shoot and wear. Specifically, the command’s mission is to serve as the Department of the Navy’s systems command for Marine Corps ground weapons and information technology system programs in order to equip and sustain Marine forces with full-spectrum, current and future expeditionary and crisis response capabilities.

The command has management authority and accountability for assigned Marine Corps expeditionary forces weapons and IT system programs with the exception of naval aviation programs and that authority and responsibility specifically assigned to a PEO or direct reporting program manager. MCSC also has dual-reporting responsibilities. For research, development and acquisition matters, MCSC’s commander, reports to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition. For in-service support, execution of logistics sustainment and operating forces support, the commander reports to the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Marine Corps Systems Command’s focus is the young Marine in harm’s way, protecting him or her, and providing this war fighter the wherewithal to execute the mission. With the help of contracted specialists, MCSC’s team of professional Civilian-Marines and active-duty Marines equips the war fighter to win. They listen, learn, research, develop, test, procure and sustain — whatever it takes to get Marines what they need, when they need it — and according to MCSC officials, they do it efficiently and for the best value possible.

Collectively, MCSC’s team of professional Civilian-Marines and active-duty Marines works hard to be timely and consistent in providing quality systems and equipment to the operating forces. They then expertly manage systems and equipment during their entire lifecycles.

The technological advantage MCSC provides helps Marines to shoot straighter, move faster and communicate more effectively so they can continue to win battles in every clime and place. The command cares deeply about each and every Marine and works hard daily with one thought in mind: to provide Marines with the systems and equipment necessary to ensure they return home to their families safe and sound.

Marine Corps Systems Command personnel aboard Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany are involved in the product support management of ground combat equipment and information technology systems. The roughly 350 Marines, Civilian-Marines and civilian contractors are structured under the command’s Competency Aligned Organization to be members of integrated product teams in support of the Marine Corps Program Management Offices, program managers and product managers. They support MCSC’s acquisition mission through product support management of ground combat equipment and information technology systems.

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