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Pass and ID; Vehicle, Pet and Weapons Registrations

Pass and ID; Vehicle, Pet and Weapons Registrations

MCLB ALbany_2019 On Arrival Pass and ID; Vehicle, Pet and Weapons Registrations


The Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany Pass and ID Office provides administrative assistance for all service members (active/reserve), retirees and family members of service members, government employees and contractors. The PID Office is off of Fleming Road, adjacent to the Main Gate in Building 3010, Room 33.

General Information

The PID Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday for registration of vehicles, day passes, 30-day passes, Defense Biometric ID System (DBIDS) and ID cards. The PID Office is closed the second Thursday of the month from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for training. The PID Office is closed on all federal holidays.

For general administrative requirements, visit Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany’s website at Click on Resources, followed by MCLB Offices and Staff, and then click on Pass and ID. Finally, click on whatever service is needed under PID.

To schedule or cancel an online appointment with Pass and ID, visit Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany’s website. Click on Resources, followed by MCLB Offices and Staff, and then click on Pass and ID. Under the ID card center, click on the blue appointment scheduler link.

Registration of Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles

Marine Corps installations no longer issue vehicle decals; however, permanently assigned personnel must register their vehicles at the PID office. The following documents must be presented at the time of registration:

  • A valid armed forces military identification card, armed forces spouse’s ID card, family member identification card, civilian employee identification card or RAPIDGate PIV-card.
  • A valid state operator’s license for the class of vehicle being registered.
  • A valid motor vehicle state certification of registration. An applicant who is not the owner of the vehicle may submit a consent to drive form which must be notarized.
  • A valid liability insurance policy conforming to the requirements established under Georgia state law.
  • If the applicant is a military member younger than the age of 26, a certificate showing completion of military driver’s improvement course is required.

Military personnel, younger than 26, are required to participate in a driver’s improvement course (Alive at 25), in accordance with Marine Corps Order 5100.19F. The Base Safety Office administers this course.

In addition, the Base Safety Office administers the Motorcycle Safety Course, which is required to register a motorcycle aboard the base for active-duty service members only. The Base Safety Office can be reached at 229-639-7050.

All personnel permanently assigned to MCLB Albany and/or tenant organizations and all civilian employees are required to register their motor vehicles within 30 days of reporting to the installation.


Sponsors are responsible for the action of their guests at all times. At no point should a guest be unaccounted for while aboard the installation. Contractors (permanent party) with CAC access may sponsor contractors (business-related) and guests aboard the installation. The following personnel may sponsor individuals aboard the installation:

  • Active-duty/retired personnel and their family members may sponsor guests aboard the installation.
  • DOD civilians may sponsor contractors (business-related) and guests aboard the installation. Short-term service providers, who require access for less than 72 hours, may be sponsored aboard the installation. Sponsors are required to escort the service providers. Service providers requiring unescorted access will be directed to the Pass and ID Office for vetting and background.
  • MCCS employees may sponsor contractors (business-related) and guests aboard the installation. MCCS employees may sponsor non-CAC contractor’s family members (spouses and children, if the contractor is deployed and only for the duration of the deployment). In these cases, the family members will need to be vetted.

Veterans’ Administration

All VA patients will be directed through the VA Eligibility Clerk at Building 3010, Room 5 for processing. The following is the procedure for base access:

  • The VA Eligibility Clerk will conduct a query which will reveal if the veteran has an outstanding want and warrant, is a registered sex offender or if they are on active probation or parole.
  • Once the query is completed and no disqualifiers are revealed, the VA patient will be issued a base hologram which will be affixed on their Veterans’ Administration card for the calendar year.
  • In the event a VA patient is accompanied by another adult defined as a person 18 years of age or older, those persons will also be subject to the same vetting requirements as previously stated. If a query of an associate/occupant reveals a disqualifier, current policy procedures are applicable i.e. deny access or detain in the case of a want/warrant.

Visitor’s Pass

All visitors, except those attending command-sponsored events, will obtain a base visitor pass from Pass and ID (during business hours) or the Main Gate sentry (after business hours). The following credentials are required for issuance of a day-pass:

  • A valid federal or state government identification containing a photograph.
  • Current/existing state identification and other government-issued IDs are both acceptable forms of credentials.
  • If driving a motor vehicle, a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

Sponsors are required to identify names, vehicle information, dates of visit and purpose to designed installation personnel when requesting to sponsor an individual(s) aboard the installation. Sponsors are responsible for the conduct of their visitors during their time aboard the installation.

Nongovernmental delivery personnel requiring access to the installation may be issued a pass not to exceed 30 days. Passes may be renewed at 30-day intervals not to exceed six months. Security personnel shall inspect delivery vehicles at the designated commercial entry control point.

To further regulate access control, National Crime Information Center queries shall be conducted of all persons entering the installation, except for command sponsored event attendees. These queries may include driver’s license, wants and warrants, and/or criminal history.

Navy Federal Credit Union members who have no other base affiliation will not be allowed to sponsor guests aboard the installation. NFCU members will be allowed access to the credit union only and for the amount of time required to conduct their business upon display of account documentation and obtaining a visitor pass. Base access for nonaffiliated NFCU members shall be limited to business banking hours. In addition, want/warrants inquiries will be conducted on all NFCU members before a day-pass is written.

Pet Registration

Lincoln Military Housing handles pet registration for housing residents only. New residents are required to provide a picture of their pets, up-to-date shot records and to microchip their pets if they choose to live in on-base housing.

Weapons Registration

Personnel registering weapons are required to read Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany’s Base Order 5530.2, Private Owned Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives. Registrants will be required to fill out a Firearm Regulations Acknowledgement Form and adhere to the following:

  • All individuals residing aboard MCLB Albany must register all privately owned firearms with the Pass and ID Office within 10 working days of initially bringing the weapons on base.
  • Firearms must be stored in a gun safe or strongbox capable of being locked with a key or combination lock. Ammunition must be secured separately from firearms in a container capable of being locked with a key or combination lock.
  • Under no circumstances will any firearm or ammunition be accessible to children, without close parental supervision.
    All firearms will remain unloaded until actually participating in an authorized recreational shoot or during hunting of designated areas.
  • When transporting privately owned firearms and ammunition aboard the base, the firearm must be equipped with a trigger lock or cable lock and secured in a locked case/department.
  • Under no circumstance will firearms, weapons or ammunition be permanently stored in a privately owned vehicle aboard the base.
  • Carrying a concealed weapon is prohibited aboard the base.
  • No weapons are allowed in the barracks.

Violation of this order by military personnel is punishable as violation of Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and can subject the violator to court-martial or other judicial or administrative action. Individuals not subject to the UCMJ who fail to comply are subject to adverse administrative action or criminal prosecution as authorized by reference U.S. Navy Regulation 1159 18 U.S.C. 921-929. Violations by other individuals may subject the violator to trial in the federal courts for violation of 18 U.S.C. 921-929.

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