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Fast Facts

Fast Facts


Minot AFB is located in Ward County, 13 miles north of Minot, North Dakota and only 50 miles from the Canadian border. The base is an integral part of the local communities. The people are friendly, helpful and honestly glad to have you here. Known as the home of Team Minot, the name emphasizes the great working relationship the base has with the community. Minot Air Force Base is home to the 5th Bomb Wing and its two squadrons of B-52H Stratofortress bombers and the 91st Missile Wing and its 150 minuteman missiles. Minot AFB homepage. Also visit Minot AFB’s Facebook page.

Cost of Living: Compared to the rest of the country, Minot Metro Area’s cost of living is 7% higher than the U.S. average.

Base Operator: 701-723-1110, or DSN 312-453-1110




  • 5,424 active duty
  • 6,189 family members
  • 852 civilians

Area Population: Minot Metro Area: 63,465


Child development centers

The Minot Child Development Center (CDC) provides care for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 years old. Programs include full time care, hourly care, and Part-Day Enrichment (PDE) program. Call 701-723-3750.

Family Child Care (FCC) provides in-home child care children ranging from birth to 12 years of age by licensed, professional child care providers. Along with full-time, part-time, weekly, and hourly child care, FCC Providers offer care for weekends, evenings, shift work, newborn infants, TDY, PCS, special needs and before and after school. Call 701-723-6662.



No DoD schools on base. Two elementary schools, Dakota and North Plains, and one middle school, Memorial Middle School, on base are run by Minot School District. There is one high school on two campuses in the city of Minot: Minot High School – Central Campus (for grades 9 and 10) and Minot High School – Magic City Campus (for grades 11 and 12). Bus service is available to take the high school students on base the 13 miles to Minot. The Minot Public School system operates all the public schools that the base children will be attending. To access information on any of the schools go to the Minot Public Schools website and select the Our Schools tab.


Youth programs

Minot AFB boasts the largest Youth facility in the Air Force. The Teen Center offers programs and activities for youth ages 13-18. Teens can participate in an exciting variety of activities such as field trips, sports programs, fundraisers, community service projects, and self-directed activities. For younger youth, Tween activities include Power Hour; a variety of clubs such as Torch, Cooking, Club Zoom and Art; Fine Arts and Image Makers Contest; instructional programs such as dance, cheerleading, martial arts and tumbling. Call the Youth Center at 701-723-2838 or visit their website.


Airman & family readiness center

Airman and Family Readiness Center, 701-723-3950; A&FRC’s Facebook Page



Minot AFB has renovation projects going on. Once these projects are finished, the base will have a total of 1,746 family housing units. There will be 268 officer units, 198 senior enlisted units and 1,280 units for junior enlisted. Waiting periods for these lists may vary. Call the Housing Office for more information, 701-723-4660.



With the emphasis on the Bakken oil field, the surge in North Dakota’s energy industry continues. The oilfield is seeking quality workers to meet the ever-growing demand. To view or apply for oil field jobs go to the website. For job opportunities on base, visit the Minot Human Resource office website. For federal job opportunities visit USA JOBS website. The unemployment rate for North Dakota is 2.4%. The median household income is $39,866.


Base services



Medical services

The 5th Medical Group is an integrated health care delivery system that provides services to active duty members, retirees, and their families. Any services not provided in the Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) will be acquired from providers in our local network. Beneficiaries will find a full range of services including Primary Care, Pediatrics, Optometry, Family Advocacy, Immunizations and Internal Medicine. Appointments: 1-866-299-4233 / 701-723-5633. Please visit our Facebook site.


Special messages

If you arrive after duty hours or on a weekend/holiday consider staying your first night at the 24 hour arrival point, the Sakakawea Inn located at 14 Summit Drive, DSN 312-453-6161 or 701-723-6161.

Minot AFB Instruction 31-203: Prohibited breeds of dogs on Minot AFB are defined as Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rottweiler (full or mixed breed), or any other breed with dominant traits geared toward aggression. These animals are not permitted on base. In cases of mixed breeds and other disputes, the base veterinarian’s determination will be final and conclusive.

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