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Getting Settled

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5th Medical Group

194 Missile Ave. 701-723-5633
Appointments 866-299-4233
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

The 5th Medical Group’s mission is to guarantee the base’s nuclear and combat readiness through the best possible health care (“Nukes, Boots, Band-Aids”). More than 12,000 people are enrolled in TRICARE at Minot Air Force Base, which also has the Defense Department’s largest Personnel Reliability and Assurance Program, a DOD security, medical and psychological evaluation program intended to allow only the most trustworthy to have access to nuclear weapons.

Ambulatory care services include family health, mental health, dental and optometry clinics for active-duty personnel, flight and missile medicine, immunizations, pediatrics, physical therapy, women’s health, public health and 24/7 ambulance transport to civilian hospitals in Minot.

The clinic is closed on weekends, federal holidays and 5th Bomb Wing Family Days, and the appointment line is inactive on federal holidays and base down days. For after-hours non-emergency care, call 701-723-5627 for triage by an on-call provider or to seek authorization for off-base care.

If there is an emergency on base, call 911 if you are using a land line, or 701-727-1911 if you are using a mobile phone.

For patients assigned to the family health, pediatric or women’s health clinics, the 5th Medical Group offers online secure messaging through MiCare, www.airforcemedicine.af.mil/micare. Register at the Family Health front desk.

All TRICARE beneficiaries, except for active-duty personnel who are treated in the Personnel Reliability Program and Flight Medicine Clinic, can call the nurse advice line at 800-TRICARE (800-874-2273) for medical advice and after-hours care.

TRICARE beneficiaries and active-duty members who fail to call 701-723-5633 for authorization before they receive emergency or urgent care may be billed under TRICARE Prime’s point-of-service option.

The pharmacy on the clinic’s first floor is open during regular clinic hours. For more information, call 701-723-5293.

Dental care services are available to active-duty military only. For active duty with a dental emergency such as major trauma, severe pain, swelling or infection, call 701-723-5565 for a same-day appointment. Family members of active-duty personnel are encouraged to use the TRICARE Dental Program. Call 855-638-8371 or go to www.tricare.mil/CoveredServices/Dental/TDP.aspx for more information.


TRICARE is the health care program for active duty and retirees of the uniformed services, their families and survivors. TRICARE’s primary objectives are to optimize the delivery of health care services in the military’s direct care system for all military health system beneficiaries and attain the highest level of patient satisfaction through the delivery of a world-class health care benefit.

For a complete description of the types of coverage programs and regions, visit www.tricare.mil.


Housing Management Office

164 Summit Drive 701-723-4660

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday

The Minot Air Force Base Housing Management Office is ready to support you in your transition to your new home and community. Use the resources provided to become familiar with housing options and support services. When you arrive at Minot Air Force Base, visit the HMO to receive invaluable information, counseling and guidance before entering into a written lease or rental/sales contract for housing.

Unaccompanied Housing

221 Missile Ave., Dorm 221 701-723-7284
7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Unaccompanied housing is provided for unaccompanied airmen in the ranks of E-1 to E-3, and E-4 with less than three years of service. Each airman is provided a private sleeping room, furnishings, bed linens and supplies required for comfortable living.

Permanent party unaccompanied housing consists of four Dorms-4-Airmen and 10 additional dormitories. In the Dorms-4-Airmen, four airmen with private rooms and bathrooms share a kitchen, living space, washer and dryer. In the 10 dorms, two airmen with individual rooms share a bathroom, though each room has a lavatory. The common area, kitchen and laundry room are down the hall.

Unaccompanied airmen in the rank of E-4 with more than three years of service will move into housing in the local community.

Minot AFB Homes

256 Spruce St. 701-727-0007

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday.

At Minot Air Force Base, military family housing is privatized. In addition to your option to purchase or rent housing in the local community, you may now choose to live in privatized housing by signing a tenant lease agreement with Balfour Beatty Communities, which owns the family housing and is responsible for constructing, maintaining, repairing and managing the community.

In 2016, Balfour Beatty opened base housing to military retirees, single service members and civilians, and DOD civilians.

For information about homes and amenities available in the Minot privatized housing community, visit the Minot AFB Homes website.


Post Office
220 Peacekeeper Place 701-727-6488
9 to 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

The full-service post office on base provides window service on weekdays; the lockbox lobby is open during business hours Monday through Friday.

If you are unaccompanied, your sponsor may obtain a post office box for you.

To receive mail through general delivery, use the following address:

Your Name/Rank
General Delivery
PSC 1 Box 1000
Minot, AFB ND 58705-5003


Veterinary Services

284 Missile Ave. 701-723-6449
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

All dogs and cats belonging to those residing on Minot Air Force Base must be registered with the Veterinary Treatment Facility within 14 days of arrival. Registration can be done on a walk-in basis, and the pet does not have to be present.

Base housing residents must also have their dogs and cats microchipped within 30 days of moving into a base housing unit. Pets with proof of existing microchip implants and registered with the Minot AFB Veterinary Treatment Center are in compliance.

Minot Air Force Base prohibits purebred or mixed-breed pit bulls, American Staffordshire bull terriers, English Staffordshire bull terriers, Rottweilers or any other breed whose dominant trait is aggression. These dogs are not allowed on base. There is a limit of three, four-legged pets per household.

For those living off base, the city of Minot requires licensing and proof of rabies vaccination for resident dogs or cats. Mixed-breed or purebred pit bull terriers, American or English Staffordshire bull terriers and American bulldogs are banned by the city. North Dakota does not quarantine pets arriving from overseas if the owner has proof that the pet’s rabies vaccination is up to date and can present a veterinarian’s certificate stating the pet is disease-free.

The base Veterinary Treatment Facility’s priority is the Security Forces’ military working dogs, but it also offers routine care by appointment for pets belonging to the Minot AFB community. Major issues and most emergencies should be dealt with by a full-service civilian veterinary hospital.


Northern Lights Chapel

155 Missile Ave. 701-723-2456

North Plains Chapel

290 Peacekeeper Place 701-723-2456

The United States Air Force Chaplain Corps is dedicated to preserving your right to worship. It provides, or finds a way to provide, for a broad spectrum of worshipers. If you are seeking spiritual support for any denomination or faith group, it will do its best to assist you.

Catholic Services

Daily Mass, call 701-723-2456 for the most recent schedule

Sunday Mass, 10 a.m., Northern Lights Chapel

Confession, 30 minutes before weekend Mass

Protestant Services

Sunday Contemporary Service, 10 a.m., North Plains Chapel

Sunday Gospel Service, 11:30 a.m., North Plains Chapel


A military ID will get you on Minot AFB and vehicles do not have to be registered, though all privately owned vehicles on base must be insured and a current license plate is required. All North Dakota traffic laws also apply on base; see the Getting To & Around Ward County chapter on Page 21 for more information. Guests require a visitor’s pass from the Visitor’s Center, and all vehicles entering or leaving base are subject to search.

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