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Vaccinations and licensing

Vaccinations and licensing

The main priority of the Minot AFB Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) is to provide care to the Security Forces Military Working Dogs. The VTF also serves the Minot AFB community and their privately owned animals (POAs). The VTF staff must ensure all POAs residing on Minot AFB are registered in accordance with Minot AFB Operating Instruction 31-203 which requires all dogs, cats, and ferrets to be registered with the VTF within 14 days of their arrival on base. Registration can be done on a walk-in basis; the pet is not required to be present.

In addition, base housing residents must have microchips implanted in all their dogs and cats within 30 days of moving into a base housing unit. This can be accomplished at the base Veterinary Treatment Facility or an off-base facility of your choice. The cost of micro chip at the base facility is $25. Pets already having proof of microchip implantation and registered at the Minot AFB Veterinary Treatment Center are in compliance. All newly acquired pets must obtain a microchip and be registered within 30 days of ownership.

There is a limit of three (four legged pets) per household on Minot AFB. Exotic pets, to include but not limited to: wolves, wolf-hybrids, birds of prey, and reptiles of any species are not authorized in base housing without prior approval from the 5th Support Group Commander. Entry of all horses brought onto Minot AFB must be coordinated prior to arrival through the VTF. The Dufresne Riding Club maintains the base stables. The riding club does not have a phone to call direct, but the VTF will provide a contact number for those interested in using the stables.

If a registered pet becomes lost and is picked up by Security Forces, it can be promptly returned to its owner. Unregistered pets, however, are taken to the local Humane Society in Minot; if their owner cannot be located the pets are kept for three days before being put up for adoption or euthanized.


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