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Base regulations

Base regulations

Traffic Law — Georgia state traffic laws apply on Moody AFB. Seat belts are mandatory. On- and off-base child seats/restraints are mandatory for children 40 lbs. or under. All children under four years of age will use a child restraint seat.

Young drivers will not earn full driving privileges in Georgia until they turn 18. At ages 16 and 17, they will be given a restricted license that bars them from driving between 1 AM and 5 AM, except under certain circumstances. It also prohibits them from driving with more than 3 unrelated passengers per car. School dropouts will not be eligible for a license until they turn age 18. Those under 18 can lose their license due to school suspensions and/or excessive absences.

Cell Phones — The use of cellular phones is prohibited while operating a vehicle on Moody AFB unless the driver is equipped with a hands-free device. This new Air Force-wide regulation (Feb 2006) is strictly enforced.

Vehicle Checks — All vehicles entering or departing Moody AFB are subject to search.

Accidents — Accidents should be reported immediately to the Security Forces at Ext. 73108.

Restricted Areas — Check with Public Affairs office at Ext. 7-3395 for a current list of restricted areas.

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