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Reporting procedures

Reporting procedures

Upon arrival at Moody AFB you will need to proceed to the MPS during duty hours to sign in. The MPS will collect your records and schedule you to attend the next available inprocessing briefing. The MPS is located in bldg. 105. If you arrive after 4:30 p.m. contact your unit sponsor, and proceed to the Billeting Office, Bldg 201 (24-hour arrival point) to sign in. Pursuant to AFI 32-6001, military member will report to the base housing referral office servicing your new duty station before entering any rental, lease, or purchase agreement for off-base housing.

Inprocessing and newcomer orientation (Right Start) is held every other Tuesday at 7:30am in the Moody Field club. This is a mandatory appointment and spouses are encouraged to attend.

For Active Duty personnel, you will also be required to attend a mandatory Medical Right Start (MRS). Spouses are highly encouraged to also attend. Medical Right Start is a very comprehensive medical inprocessing.

The Child Development Center will have slots available once a month for those spouses interested in attending Right Start and MRS and who are in need of day care. The cost is $4.00/hour per child and the parent must have the appropriate CDC paperwork completed in advance. 


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