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Requesting a sponsor

Requesting a sponsor

If you have not been assigned a sponsor, or have not been contacted as of yet, request one by contacting your gaining command or unit. If after contacting your new command you find difficulties in obtaining a sponsor, contact your Relocation Assistance Personnel for additional help with your move.

Service specific processes for requesting a Sponsor include:

  • Army and Defense Logistics Agency: AR 600-8-8 outlines procedures for DA Form 5434, Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet. Sponsorship is mandatory for first term Soldiers. All Soldiers, private through colonel (excluding those completing advanced individual training (AIT) and those PCSing to long term schools) and civilian employees through grade 15 may participate in the advance arrival sponsorship program. Reactionary Sponsorship is available for individuals arriving at an installation without a sponsor. Contact the gaining unit to request a sponsor.
  • Air Force: Gaining Unit Commander Support Staff/Military Personnel Section will assign a sponsor upon receipt of assignment notice. Assigned sponsor will then make contact with the inbound member.
  • Navy:OPNAV INSTRUCTION 1740.3C prescribes procedures regarding Command Sponsor and Indoctrination Programs. This Program is designed to facilitate the adaptation of Sailors and their families into new working and living environments, to minimize the anxiety associated with a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move, and afford Sailors and their families the greatest opportunity for a successful and productive tour of duty.
  • Command sponsor and indoctrination responsibilities begin upon receipt of PCS orders and continue until the Sailor has become an integral part of the new command and is fully cognizant of all policies, programs, services, and responsibilities available through the command. Commanding Officers shall establish a Command Indoctrination Program to include the delivery of the Navy Pride and Professionalism training per this instruction. COs should ensure all incoming personnel receive command indoctrination training within 30 days of arrival or within 3 drill weekends
  • Enclosures (1) and (2) of OPNAVINST 1740.3C outline responsibilities and provide guidance for these programs. Assistance to local commands regarding the Command Sponsor Program is through the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) Relocation Assistance Program staff.
  • Marine Corps: Gaining Unit Commander will assign a sponsor on request. Overseas commands should assign a sponsor automatically, however if one is not assigned, send a request to the gaining command using the Sample Sponsorship Request form.

Sponsors’ responsibilities and abilities to be available will vary from installation to installation, depending upon the priority which the installation and unit commanders give to the program; however, the Services are making the Sponsorship program a priority as research has shown the many benefits of good sponsorship to service, family members and youth.


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