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Sexual assault prevention & response program

Sexual assault prevention & response program

The Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) and/or a Victim (Advocate) provide assistance to persons experiencing a rape or sexual assault. Active duty members only may use the Restricted Reporting option when an incident is reported directly to the SARC, Victim Advocate or DoD Medical Provider. Restricted Reports do not warrant an investigation unless the victim converts to an Unrestricted Report within one (1) year of the initial report. The Unrestricted Reporting option, available to active duty, civilians, contract employees and retirees, does include an investigation and involves Office of Special Investigations (OSI), Security Forces Office of Investigations (SFOI), and/or local law enforcement. Anyone desiring to report an incident of sexual assault may dial 229-257-7272 or the 24/7 crisis line at 229-560-5085.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence incidents should be reported to Family Advocacy at 229-257-4805 for assistance.

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