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Once you have decided that an animal is going to be your traveling companion, plan for your pet’s trip in the same way you would plan your own – well in advance. Make sure your pet is in good health. Your pet’s well being should be of primary importance to you. A clean bill of health is an important first step in assuring your pet’s ability to adjust safely to unfamiliar surroundings. In addition, most states and countries require recent health certificates and disease documents before you will be allowed to cross borders, making a trip to the veterinarian is mandatory. You may want to discuss with your veterinarian the possibility of prescribing a motion sickness pill or sedative as preventive measure. Don’t tranquilize your pet automatically as this can be very dangerous. Try to avoid traveling with an animal during extreme weather. Try to schedule travel times for early morning or evening hours during the summer months.

Identification of your pet is a must! Ensure that they wear an identification tag, which includes your name, pet’s name, and your address and phone number. Also ensure that the pet’s carrier is properly identified. When purchasing a carrier, your pets have room to turn freely while in a standing position and are able to use normal movements in order to stand erect or lie down in a natural position.

Important: Most airlines will not accept pets during the summer months unless they are small enough to travel in the cabin with you.

If you and your pet plan to stay in a hotel, call in advance to check if pets are allowed and to make reservations. Moody lodging will allow pets. but pet-friendly rooms are limited. Remember you can ask for your sponsor to assist you with this too. Be aware that on base housing has certain pet restrictions. Be sure to contact the Housing Office for further details.


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