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Unemployment benefits

Unemployment benefits

Unemployment benefits are available through the Georgia Department of Labor. The following are the services that they provide:

  • Assist in finding a job
  • Explore career options and labor market information
  • Frequently held job fairs
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Resume assistance
  • Job search advice
  • Workshops ( For instance, Networking, Internet Job Search)
  • Educational and training resources
  • Search for jobs online

Unemployment Benefits are available if you are:

  • Able to meet certain wage requirements
  • Laid off or your hours are reduced because of a lack of work
  • Fired without work-related misconduct
  • Quit for a good work-related reason

You must:

  • Report as instructed by the Career Center
  • Be physically able to do work which you qualify for, available for work, and actively looking for work
  • Provide a list of job search contacts
  • Apply for jobs for which you are given a referral
  • Be willing to accept a job under the same working conditions in which you earned the wages used to establish your claim

Claimant Trainee Program

In certain cases, individuals may qualify to be paid unemployment benefits while attending school or training. You mus meet certain attendance requirements and satisfactory progress in school. For more information, visit the Georgia Department of Labor website.


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