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It’s your move!

It’s your move!

If you do not hear from your TSP within 3 business days of your initial notification, contact them to ensure that they have the best possible email and phone numbers for you. Remember that you will now be dealing directly with the TSP who has end-to-end responsibility for your personal property move, not just their local agents. Make sure you keep your contact information current in DPS throughout the move. It is important for communication between you and the TSP that they have the best phone numbers and email addresses.After counseling, the TSP’s pre-move survey of your personal property is critical in arranging your household goods shipment. Generally, this should be completed 10 or more days before your requested pick-up date. Depending on the estimated size and destination of your move, this survey will probably be performed in person by the TSP’s local agent. It is important that you cooperate with the surveyor to set up this appointment. You or your authorized agent must be present during the entire survey. During the survey clearly identify all items that will be included in your shipment and answer all the surveyor’s questions accurately. Do not go out and buy additional large items to add to your shipment after the survey is complete, this will change the weight of our shipment and probably cost you money for weight over your allowance.The surveyor will also confirm dates and addresses with you at this time and will go over any special requirements. This will allow the TSP to set up the right size crews and vehicles for your move and minimize confusion and delays during your move. The surveyor should ensure that you know how to get in touch with the TSP.

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