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NHCCC focusing on patient care despite gapped optometrist billet

NHCCC focusing on patient care despite gapped optometrist billet

Story by Dale Davis on 08/27/2019

Patients currently receiving optometry care at Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi will see some changes in the services offered by the clinic’s optometry department in the coming months.
NHCCC’s optometrist has transferred duty stations, and another optometrist is not expected to report to the command until early 2020.
While the gapped billet will lead to changes in where and from whom patients receive some optometry care, patients will continue to have access to the same level and quality of care they have come to expect from NHCCC.
As part of NHCCC’s commitment to readiness, a priority placement agreement has been established to provide Active Duty service members with same or next-day care from local network providers. A referral for care will be required prior to scheduling an appointment with network optometrists, and the NHCCC optometry staff are available to assist in this process.
No referral is needed for TRICARE covered dependents and retirees wishing to book optometry appointments with a network provider.
The TRICARE benefit allows for one routine eye exam every 12 months for Active Duty service members and their dependents. Retirees and their dependents are entitled to one eye exam every 24 months. Annual eye exams are authorized for TRICARE beneficiaries who have been diagnosed with diabetes or chronic ocular disease.
NHCCC will continue to provide care for emergent eye issues like styes and pink eye, and patients will continue to be able to order glasses through the optometry department.
For more information or help with a referral, contact the NHCCC Optometry Department at 361-961-6000 or the NHCCC Patient Advocacy Center at 361-961-2968.

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