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Welcome to Churchill County

Welcome to Churchill County

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Welcome to Northern Nevada, home to Naval Air Station Fallon and the Naval Fighter Weapons School. Churchill County, which has more than 24,000 residents, lies in a broad valley in the high desert of Nevada that was once covered by prehistoric Lake Lahontan. Comprising an area of about 4,930 square miles, the county enjoys an invigorating climate with low humidity and an annual rainfall of 5 inches. Despite its aridity, it is one of the state’s top agricultural areas.

Local points of interest include Grimes Point and Hidden Cave archaeological sites, Stillwater Wildlife Refuge, Cold Springs Pony Express Station, Soda Lake and Sand Mountain — a 600-foot-high sand dune popular with off-road vehicle enthusiasts.

Fallon, the county seat, lies on U.S. Highway 50, about 65 miles east of Reno. It contains 1,602 acres and is at the junction of several major highways linking north, south, east and west. Fallon, with an elevation of 3,965 feet, is home to 8,409 residents. Most of the people in Churchill County live within a 5-mile radius of the town. Fallon has a hospital, dozens of churches, a daily newspaper, radio station, seven public schools, a municipal airport, a county museum and a public library. The Churchill County Parks Department offers numerous recreation programs.

Fallon is known as the “Oasis of Nevada” for its lush agricultural countryside in the arid Nevada desert. It is surrounded by farms, ranches and the Lahontan Valley Wetlands — a birder’s paradise. Fallon offers an abundance of outdoor opportunities, arts, shops, a farmers market, the Bluegrass Festival, County Fair, Silver State International Rodeo, Fallon Air Show and Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe Festival.

Although irrigation has altered the valley, it is the high desert scenery and rugged mountains that draw many people to the area. NAS Fallon is an hour’s drive to the excitement of Reno and less than two hours to the sportsman’s paradise of the Sierra Nevada.

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