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JPAR – Tanya Henley-Cole
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Tanya Henley-Cole has over 22 years in the real estate and mortgage industry that really helps to serve her clients. Tanya started her real estate career at the age of 21 as a leasing agent and worked her way to becoming a property manager of an apartment complex of over 373 units. Tanya turned a D graded apartment complex into a B graded apartment within 2 years of employment there. She also maintained a high occupancy level then the property had in over 10 years with her hard work and dedication and customer service skills.

Once Tanya accomplished the task of being a property manager, she began to invest in real estate by purchasing homes, renovating them and marketing them for sale. During this time, she learned the challenging process for some of her buyers to get financed and she began to study the mortgage financial industry where she mastered the field and helped hundreds of clients get financing and become homeowners.

Although Tanya loves the mortgage industry as well and continues to have a hand in the field from time to time in order to stay in the “know” her passion is finding the best home to fit her client needs as well as staging and listing challenging properties. She loves to keep up with the trends and new programs to better assist her clients at the highest level. Tanya has a natural calling for challenges whether it is a client relocating, having credit issues, going through a divorce, or just someone that is looking for a person with patience and understanding during their process. Tanya has experience and knowledge around real estate from a personal and business perspective.

License #SL3333064

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