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Nutty Scoopz features handcrafted artisan peanut butter dips curated in small batches that are minimally processed, sugar free, and have no artificial ingredients or preservatives. They are sweetened by nature, sea salted, and fortified with fiber. Our dips are churned to a smoother consistency, making them ideal for dipping and drizzling. While Nutty Scoopz dips don’t require refrigeration, you can refrigerate them for a thicker, more traditional peanut butter consistency. Nutty Scoopz come in Regular, Jelly, and Heat flavors. Our peanut butter dips are made in the U.S.A., and we offer local delivery in the Jacksonville, Florida area.
Nutty Scoopz peanut butter dips are a healthier, flavor-packed alternative to traditional sugar- and fat-laden peanut butters. Our dips are handmade in small batches, sweetened with monk fruit instead of sugar, and contain no preservatives or added oils. Whether you need food alternatives for an immune-compromised or diabetic lifestyle, or simply looking for a more natural, healthier option for your family, Nutty Scoopz has three flavors to tickle your tastebuds. We’ve said “no” to added sugars and fats. Created by a registered nurse as part of an auto-immune protocol, Nutty Scoopz dips are sweetened with monk fruit, a natural, sugar-free substitute with a zero glycemic index and zero calories. We then hand-churn our dips without added oils or preservatives, which can overload the body’s inflammatory response, and finish with a dash of immune-boosting sea salt. Smooth and satisfying, Nutty Scoopz are not just better for your body, but a delicious partner for dipping, spreading, or eating by the spoonful!
Nutty Scoopz was started in 2020 by Tina Parks, a 20-year registered nurse and health enthusiast. Frustrated over the lack of auto-immune-friendly food products, Tina decided to create her own. Her passion for healthier and cleaner eating led her to find alternative ingredients, like monk fruit and sea salt, that satisfied both her dietary restrictions and her discerning taste. What started as a single product in Tina’s home kitchen has expanded into a multi-product offering that includes subscription services. Nutty Scoopz is a woman-owned and disability-owned small business.
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