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Pond Family Mediation specializes in simplified divorce, time-sharing, child support and other family dispute resolutions in Florida that can save families thousands of dollars by avoiding court! All family law cases in Florida are required to attend mediation first! So, whether you retain an attorney or not, owner Danielle Pond is qualified to mediate your divorce or modification settlement and can also prepare and file your legal documents with your local circuit court – saving families thousands of dollars by avoiding litigation and expensive attorney’s fees. Danielle Pond is a military spouse, a seasoned communications professional, and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator (license #39929 F).

Danielle has undergone extensive training in conflict resolution, family court procedures in Florida, and ethics. Danielle holds an MA in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University, and is currently working towards an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy at Capella University. Danielle spent 14-years as a Marketing Director, honing her negotiation skills dealing with tough personalities and discerning CEOs. Corporate marketing, particularly in the high-tech sector she is tenured in, proved a fruitful training ground for the transition to family mediation. Combined with her therapeutic psychological knowledge, Danielle is a uniquely poised and effective mediator, even in high conflict situations.

As a marriage and family therapy graduate student, Danielle understands conflict resolution and the dynamics of a contested divorce. Start here to simplify the process and bring closure faster and for much less money than going to court. Request a free phone consultation now for a review of your case.

DEAL: I always offer 10% off mediations for military families up to $100. Offer excludes Dissolution of Marriage document prep- only applies to mediation sessions.

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