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Jan. 4, 1950: Three P2V-2 aircraft from VP-3 arrive at station.

Jan. 19, 1950: Fleet Air Wing II begins operations from NAS Jacksonville. Final units arrive.

Jan. 8, 1951: Naval Air Technical Center (NATTCen) is reactivated at NAS Jacksonville.

March 1, 1951: Reserve Patrol Squadron VP-741 activates as VP-16.

March 19, 1951: Patrol Squadron VP-10 is established at NAS Jacksonville.

April 9, 1951: Carrier Air Group 8, composed of Reserve Squadron VF-742 and others, is re-established at NAS Jacksonville. FASRon 795 reports to NAS Jacksonville for training with FASRon-109.

Jan. 24, 1952: VC-5, the Navy’s first heavy attack squadron flying the AJ-1 Savage, is assigned duty to station. First P2V-5 assigned to NAS Jacksonville with VP-3.

March 10, 1952: VJ-2 Hurricane Hunter squadron, flying P4Y Privateers, is placed in commission at NAS Jacksonville. Squadron VP-23, based at Miami under FAW-11, is disestablished.

October 1952: A jet ejection trainer, one of the first built, is installed at NAS Jacksonville. Reserve patrol squadron VP-742 is established.

Nov. 1, 1953: Guided Missile School opens at NATTCen NAS Jacksonville.

Feb. 16, 1954: The Navy’s only Landing Signal Officer School is established at NAS Jacksonville.

Dec. 15, 1954: VW-4 receives first WV-1 Super Constellation aircraft.

Nov. 1, 1955: Patrol squadron VP-3 is disestablished. Heavy Attack Squadron One “Tigers” (VAH-1), the first of its kind, is established at NAS Jacksonville.

November 1956: The first airplane to land at the South Pole is one of four modified by NAS O&R Department. Reserve squadron VP-742 is re-established.

Aug. 16, 1957: Heavy Photographic Squadron VAP-62 arrives at NAS Jacksonville from NAS Norfolk.

June 30, 1959: Patrol Squadron 30 (VP-30) is established at Fleet Air Wing II, NAS Jacksonville. Fleet Aircraft Service Squadron SIX and FASRon 109 disestablished.

July 1, 1959: Aircraft Maintenance Department is commissioned.


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