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75th Anniversary Chronology

75th Anniversary Chronology

Before You Arrive

Moving from family, friends and familiar surroundings can sometimes be stressful. Planning ahead is one way to make your move to Jacksonville a little easier.

To ensure a place for your family to stay for the first few days, it is a good idea to make reservations in advance either at the Navy Lodge, Navy Gateway Inns & Suites or a local hotel. Orange Park is the nearest location for hotels — about 3 miles south of the base.

The Navy Lodge, located on Mustin Road on NAS Jacksonville, has 102 one-bed units with fully equipped kitchens and private baths and family suites. Those under Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders may make reservations at any time in advance by calling 904-772-6000 or 800-NAVY-INN. Be sure to include your expected arrival date (check in by 3 to 6 p.m.).

Navy Gateway Inns & Suites has 213 one-bedroom, two-bedroom and DV suites available. To make reservations call 877-628-9233.

You can get your whole family involved in your move. Let them browse through this book, show them the maps and let them help plan the trip. This can make the difference between sharing an adventure and coping with frustration.

A checklist of other items that need to be done before moving day follows:

Notify post office of forwarding address.

Send change of address cards to magazines, credit card companies and others as needed.

Stop any home delivery services and settle bills.

Notify utility companies.

Transfer insurance on car, home, etc., and check to see if personal possessions are covered during the move.

Notify your children’s schools of the move and arrange to get or forward their school records.

Notify your clergyman and obtain any necessary documents of birth, baptism, etc., that you may need.


Get records from any private doctors or dentists whom you have been using.

Getting Here

… By Car

Jacksonville may be reached from the north or south via Interstate 95 and from the west by Interstate 10. The base is located on U.S. Highway 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard). Those arriving from any direction will find it easiest to take Interstate 295 around the city to the Roosevelt Boulevard exit (Exit 10). From Exit 10, take U.S. 17 North to the main gate, located about 3 miles north of the intersection.

The street address for the NAS Jacksonville is 6801 Roosevelt Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32212.

Traffic patterns at NAS Jacksonville are subject to change at peak traffic times. Overhead directional arrows must be adhered to at all times.

… By Plane

Jacksonville International Airport, 35 miles north of the base, services most major airlines. Taxi and limousine service is available from the airport to NAS Jacksonville. If you have any problems, you may contact the officer of the day by using the toll-free courtesy phone at the information desk in the baggage claim area. Dial 904-542-2338 for the duty office. If you are traveling under orders, the fare is reimbursable, but you must get a receipt from the taxi driver and submit it with your travel claim.

… By Bus


Greyhound bus services are located at
10 N. Pearl St. in downtown Jacksonville. Dial 904-356-9976 for information. Local buses or taxis provide transportation from downtown to the base. The Jacksonville Transportation Authority bus information telephone number is 904-630-3100. Amtrak also provides limited service in the Jacksonville area. Amtrak’s toll-free number is 800-872-7245.

Reporting Aboard

Personnel with orders to NAS Jacksonville should report to the Base Quarterdeck, located in Building 1 at the corner of Yorktown Avenue and Langley Street. The Officer of the Day (OOD) can provide driving directions and also has a duty driver available that will transport service members from the MAC terminal to the BEQ/BOQ, Navy Lodge or Navy Gateway Inns & Suites. The OOD telephone number is 904-542-2338.

Officers and enlisted personnel assigned to shore-based commands at NAS Jacksonville check in at the Personnel Support Activity Detachment (PSD) in Building 789 on the corner of Birmingham and Child streets. Personnel assigned to deployable squadrons must check in with their respective squadron duty office.

PSD is open 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. After hours, shore command personnel check in with the OOD. Personnel requiring pay-to-date, travel pay or transportation services should report to PSD during customer services hours 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Active-duty and family member ID cards are issued 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The PSD telephone number is 904-542-3633. To make an appointment go to

Uniform Regulations

You must be in uniform when checking in. Service Dress Blue is universally accepted as a travel uniform and may be worn at check in, regardless of season. Otherwise, the following is a seasonal chart for uniforms in this area:

Summer (first Monday in April):

Officers and CPOs — Khaki

E-6 and below — Summer Whites

Winter (first Monday in December):

Officer and CPOs — Khaki


E-6 and below — Winter Blue

Auto Registration

If you are on active duty, you may drive in Florida without getting a Florida driver’s license if you hold a valid license from your home of record. Florida does have a special reduced auto registration fee for drivers who do not intend to establish Florida as their home of record. To get the reduced rate, take a copy of your orders to a local tag agency. For more information, call 904-630-1916 for the tax collector’s office (car tag) and 850-922-9000 for the Department of Motor Vehicles for title and registration information.

Florida Motor Vehicle Insurance Laws

Both the Financial Responsibility Law and the No-Fault Law require insurance coverage. Minimum coverage required is $10,000 bodily injury liability, $20,000 bodily injury to two or more persons, $10,000 property damage liability or $30,000 combined single limits. To protect yourself and others, carry liability insurance on any vehicle you own or drive, including motorcycles. The vehicle must be insured at the time the vehicle is registered in your name, even if the car is inoperable or in storage. If you cancel your insurance, you must surrender your tag and registration to the nearest driver’s license office.

Pass & Id Office

Decals are no longer required on personal vehicles, however there must be a valid military ID cardholder in the vehicle and all others must present a valid U.S. picture ID card. Passes for visitors and badges will be issued at Building 9 at the NAS Jacksonville main gate 7 a.m. to
4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Visitors must be sponsored by a CAC cardholder and provide a driver’s license, current registration and insurance card to obtain a pass. One-day passes will be issued at the gate when the Pass & ID office is not open.


In accordance with Department of Defense policy, cellphones may not be used while driving on NAS Jacksonville.

Seat Belt Use/Child Restraints

Occupants of all motor vehicles operating on base and in the state of Florida are required to wear safety belts. Gate sentries are authorized and directed to inform personnel of this requirement before allowing entry to the base. Station police are authorized to issue traffic citations for violations.

In accordance with Florida statutes:

Every operator of a motor vehicle, while transporting a child in a passenger car, van or truck on the roadways, streets or highways of this state, will, if the child is 5 years or younger, provide for the protection of the child by properly using a crash-tested, federally approved child restraint. For children through 3 years of age, the restraint device must be a separate carrier. For children ages 4 and 5, a separate carrier or seat belt will be used.

Personnel who cannot wear seat belts due to a medical condition shall have in their possession a certified doctor’s statement for presentation to Security Department personnel, stating that a condition exists that precludes their wearing seat belts.


Personnel who wish to operate a vintage motor vehicle on base shall have appropriately installed seat belts, regardless of antique status, personal convenience or preference.


Firearms and ammunition may be stored in separate containers in base housing (married family quarters) with the installation commanding officer’s approval. Required forms and registration of weapons must be made with the Pass and ID Office, Building 9, at the main gate, phone 904-542-1470, during normal working hours. Firearms for permanent storage are housed in the armory.


The use of bows and arrows, air rifles, sling shots and other devices that may endanger persons or property are prohibited, except in areas as specified in NAS Jacksonville Instruction 5530.2. Storage of weapons or firearms is prohibited in all BEQ/BOQs.


All bicyclists residing on base are encouraged to register their bicycles with the Crime Prevention Office in Building 9; phone 904-542-1586. Services are available to permanently mark bikes for those living on and off base. Bicyclists are required to wear a helmet when riding on station.


Housing residents may keep cats and dogs in their homes; however, all cats and dogs must be registered with the base Veterinary Treatment Facility, located in Building 537, phone 904-542-3786 (appointment line). All pets staying on base must have proof of current vaccinations presented at the time of registration. In addition, all pets staying in base housing are required by base regulations to be microchipped and spayed or neutered. You will need to provide the Housing Office with proof of registration and microchip. Cats and dogs must be on a leash at all times when outdoors, unless they are in a fenced-in yard. Please call to find out when you can register your pets. Exotic pets and farm animals are not allowed in base housing.

Fishing and Hunting

Both saltwater and freshwater fishing is available at NAS Jacksonville. Hunting or taking of game or wild animals aboard the station is prohibited. Hunting permits are available for Outlying Field Whitehouse and Rodman Dam. Hunter information, requirements and game permits may be obtained from the Security Department, NAS Jacksonville at 904-542-0969, ext. 144. Fishing licenses are required and may be purchased at the Mulberry Cove Marina on the station. There are posted areas of the St. Johns River, including Mulberry Cove, designated as a manatee refuge area by NAS Jacksonville. Motorcraft must maintain no-wake speeds.



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