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 The mission of community relations is to foster a positive and proactive military and civilian relationship between NAS Jacksonville and the northeast Florida communities. Our community relations program strives to boost the public’s awareness of the unique elements and contributions of the Navy through direct interaction with Sailors and their families. At the heart of our community relations program are the individual Sailors who continue to make an impact in our neighboring communities. Positive contributions take place daily through individual volunteerism and group participation in worthwhile programs such as nonprofit groups like Habitat for Humanity, mentoring in local schools or environmental initiatives to promote good stewardship. The Public Affairs Office coordinates base tours for school groups over the age of 12 and military reunion groups Monday through Friday only. Group size is limited to 40 students and chaperones coming on one bus. Tours may consist of squadron visits, air traffic control tower, port operations and Heritage Park based on operational commitments. For more information and to check availability, call 904-542-2415.

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