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Naval Air Station Jacksonville is one of the Navy’s finest and fastest growing installations. It is the largest Navy base in the Southeast Region and third-largest in the nation. The mission of NAS Jacksonville is to “Enable Warfighter Readiness.” Focused directly on support of operational units aboard the base and throughout the fleet, station personnel work around the clock providing services to the carrier strike groups as well as supporting the 101st Airborne Division Helicopter Brigade during its deployment and return from Iraq.

This master air and industrial base consists of more than 100 tenant commands. The installation is home to the P-3C Orion long-range anti-submarine reconnaissance and maritime patrol aircraft, the SH-60F Seahawk anti-submarine warfare helicopters and C-130 Hercules. In addition to the many operational squadrons flying P-3, C-40 and C-130 aircraft and SH-60F helicopters, NAS Jacksonville is home to Patrol Squadron Thirty (VP-30), the Navy’s largest aviation squadron and the only P-3 Orion Fleet Replacement Squadron. VP-30 prepares and trains U.S. and foreign pilots, air crew and maintenance personnel.

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