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Reserve Squadrons

Reserve Squadrons

Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Fifty-Eight (VR-58) was established at NAS Jacksonville in November 1977. The squadron is comprised of active duty and selected reserve personnel who provide seven-day, around-the-clock worldwide logistics support for all Department of Defense forces. The “Sunseekers” operate three Boeing C-40A Clipper aircraft. The C-40A operates as speeds in excess of 500 mph and altitudes up to 41,000 feet and is capable of carrying seven crewmembers, 121 passengers, 30,000 pounds of cargo or various combined passenger/cargo loads. 

Since its establishment, VR-58 has compiled almost 30 years and more than 120,000 class alpha mishap-free flight hours, provided more than 16 million cargo ton miles and more than 16 million passenger seat miles and provided personnel and aircraft for 90 overseas detachments. Squadron missions encompass worldwide fleet support throughout the United States, Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Mediterranean, the Western Pacific, including the Republic of China, and the Indian Ocean. VR-58 has directly supported operations for U.S. forces in Lebanon, Grenada, NATO, Operations Desert Shield/Storm, as well as many other missions. 

Through reserve squadrons such as VR-58, the U.S. military ensures quick reaction to any emergent world situation. VR-58 is a prime example of the “One Navy” concept, in which a reserve force squadron is fully integrated into fleet service. 

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