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Safety Department

The Safety Department is responsible for management of four main program areas: occupational safety and health issues, explosives safety, traffic safety and recreational off-duty safety. Under the safety and health program, this department manages a variety of areas, including respiratory protection, hazardous material control and management, hearing and sight conservation, radiation issues, mishap investigations and inspection of base facilities for safety issues. The explosives safety officer provides oversight of all operations that use explosives to include weapons loading on aircraft. Motorcycle and defensive driving class are offered weekly. Base traffic safety issues are investigated under the Traffic Safety Program.

NAS Jacksonville was recently recertified for Occupational Safety and Health Administration Voluntary Protection Program “Star” certification. This safety certification places the NAS Jacksonville safety program in the top 1/10 of 1 percent of all safety programs for all businesses in America. For more information, call 904-542-3082.


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