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Southeast Regional Maintenance Center

Southeast Regional Maintenance Center

Southeast Regional Maintenance Center (SERMC) is Naval Station Mayport’s largest tenant command with more than 800 military and civilian personnel who provide all levels of maintenance and repair support to ships of the Atlantic Fleet. The mission of SERMC is to provide ship repair, modernization, engineering and technical support services for naval ships assigned or operating within the South East United States and South American geographical area. SERMC, serving as U.S. Fleet Forces Command’s direct waterfront maintenance representative in Mayport, administers contracts for depot level industrial repairs, screens ship maintenance requests to determine when and where maintenance will be performed based on availability of resources and provides coordination and support to Group and Squadron Commanders and their assigned ships as Mayport’s single point of contact for maintenance issues. Located on Massey Avenue, adjacent to Echo pier, SERMC houses a 177,000 square foot industrial facility with more than 60 shops and work centers including a fully equipped dive locker, a CNC equipped machine shop, a marine gas turbine repair/change out shop and facilities for repair and maintenance of hundreds of mechanical and electronic systems. SERMC also provides contract administration and oversight for more than $100 million in private shipyard/ship repair contractor work on Navy ships each year. SERMC exists to maintain our ships at a level of material readiness that will allow the ships to get to the fight and win once they get there. 

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