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The HSM Community

Naval Station Mayport proudly hosts Commander, Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing, U.S. Atlantic Fleet (COMHSMWINGLANT). The Wing is responsible for the material readiness and training of all Atlantic Fleet Helicopter Maritime Strike (HSM) and Helicopter Anti-Submarine Light (HSL) squadrons. COMHSMWINGLANT consists of more than 2,500 personnel and has more than 90 SH-60B and MH-60R aircraft assigned. The Wing currently supports one fleet replacement squadron (HSM-40), two fleet squadrons (HSL-46 and HSL-48), a fleet reserve squadron (HSL-60) and the HSM Weapons School (HSMWSL) at Naval Station Mayport and three fleet squadrons (HSL-42, HSM-70 and HSM-74), the Surface Rescue Swimmers School (SRSS) and Carrier Tactical Support Center (CV-TSC) at NAS Jacksonville. The HSL squadrons operate the SH-60B and deploy in one or two aircraft detachments aboard cruisers, destroyers and frigates, while the HSM squadrons operate the MH-60R helicopter, deploying on aircraft carriers in addition to cruisers, destroyers and frigates. The detachments provide their respective ships with extensive capabilities in Anti-Submarine Warfare and Anti-Surface Warfare. The HSM Wing is also responsible for the Aviation Support Detachment (ASD) Mayport. This activity supports the HSM Community’s supply requirements. 

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