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Training Support Department

Training Support Department

Located on the northeast corner of the naval station, the Training Support Department (TSD) supports fleet training provided by seven training centers including the Center for Naval Engineering (CNE), Center for Surface Combat Systems (CSCS), Center for Security Forces (CSF), Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT), Center for Naval Leadership (CNL), Center for Information Technologies (CIT) and Center for Personnel Development (CPD). The training sites provide training for afloat units, air wings, shore activities and international allies. TSD offers 41 courses including damage control, fire fighting, propulsion plant control, anti-submarine warfare, leadership development, combat systems and electronic repair. TSD also offers seven Video Tele-Training (VTT) courses. TSD uses new energy-efficient, pollution-free firefighting training facilities that simulate shipboard compartments, complete with locker and bilge areas and stages fires fueled by computer-controlled propane gas jets. TSD also has a similar propane-fired facility for flight deck fire fighting and a shipboard wet trainer. 

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