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SOMADERM® gel is designed for men and women over 35 who want to improve their well-being and preserve their youth.

  • The greatest wealth is health!
  • New U Life: Changing lives with Somaderm; the only transdermal HGH product available without a prescription. Learn how New U Life can change your life.
  • I’d like to share with you!

  • Exclusive Homeopathic FDA Registered HGH Transdermal Gel.
  • Glandulars and botanicals loaded with benefits that provide overall whole-body health.
  • Exercise and eating right plus that extra something: HGH Somaderm Gel
  • Natural HGH production begins declining around the age of 25 and is over 75% deficient by the age of 60, that is why our bodies and organs begin to age. Applying the gel twice a day helps stimulate natural production of HGH over time. Let’s face it, our body didn’t get in the condition it’s in overnight, but we can do something about it and may enjoy feeling young again within an average of six months! Talk it over with your physician, then get back with me…MAK at 561-808-5850 or see my link
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