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Critical Installation Information

Critical Installation Information

Delayed Reporting

In case of an emergency while in route to this installation, contact the nearest active duty base of ANY service. If delayed in reporting, contact the Quarter Deck at 817-782-7152 or DSN 312-739-7152, or the American Red Cross toll free number, 1-877-272-7337. If you are delayed, you must report your status as soon as possible.

Commissary and Base Exchange

NAS JRB Fort Worth is very special in that The Army Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) World-wide Headquarters is located in the Dallas Fort Worth Mertoplex, in the City of Grand Prairie.

If you are a First Termer and are flying into Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, you should make arrangements for your sponsor to meet you at the airport or provide you with information on alternative modes of travel to the base. The base is located 7 miles North/Northwest of downtown Fort Worth, along HWY 183. The Base is still listed by its former name Carswell Air Force Base on many current road maps.

For information on sponsorship, contact the FFSC at 817-782-5355 or DSN 312-739-5355 or the unit to which you will be assigned.

To forward your mail to NAS Ft. Worth, your sponsor can present a copy of your orders and apply for a personal mail box for you at the Post Office, Bldg. 1509. You can also call the base post office at 817-782-6387 or DSN 312-739-6387 and request a P.O. Box Number. You can then forward your mail to your P.O. Box. There is no charge for this service. This is a military P.O. Box. You will be required to show your orders upon arrival at the base in order to receive the combination to the box. If you reside on base, this will remain your base mail address. If you move off base, you will be required to forward your mail to your new address.

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