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Installation Command

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Bldg. 1425

Air Operations maintains NAS Fort Worth JRB’s airfield and consists of the Air Traffic Control, Airfield Services and Ground Electronics divisions. The mission of the Air Operations Department is to provide a wide variety of support to include Air Traffic Control, Space-A flight manifesting, fueling and audio/visual for on-base events.

For inquiries regarding the airfield or to file a noise complaint, please contact the Operations Department at 817-825-6411 or


Bldg. 4205

Air Traffic Control is responsible for providing safe and effective control instructions to all station, transient and Lockheed Martin aircraft flying in and out the airfield and ensuring that mission readiness is maintained. Air Traffic Control also provides Flight Planning services for all aircrews traveling through NAS Fort Worth JRB. Flight Planning can be contacted at 817-782-7531/7532.


Transient Line

Bldg. 1405

The Transient Line is responsible for servicing all military and civilian transient aircraft flying through NAS Fort Worth JRB.


Bldg. 1422

The Passenger Terminal is responsible for processing and manifesting all Space-A passengers arriving and departing NAS Fort Worth JRB.

The current Space-A flight schedule and Space-A request form can be obtained at To hear the current flight schedule, call the 24-hour recording line at 817-782-6289.


Bldg. 1422

GEMD provides support to NAS Fort Worth JRB, tenant commands and Fleet personnel in all facets of maintenance, repair and control of airfield navigational aids, communications, Land Mobile Radio and other ancillary electronic equipment. GEMD performs periodic testing, inspection, maintenance and repair of all ATC navigational aids, VHF/UHF communications. It also provides public address sound system support and maintains positive control over plant and minor property assigned.


Bldg. 1425

Fire and Emergency Services consist of highly motivated, truly dedicated, and highly trained professionals providing emergency mitigations to those who defend America. In fact, their mission statement is “Protecting those who defend America.” Aboard the 2,300 acre installation, they support the Navy and multiple tenant commands such as the Air Force, Marine Corps, Texas Air National Guard, Army, the Army and Air Force Exchange Services, Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and a Federal Medical Facility. NAS Fort Worth Fire and Emergency Services also has well established memorandums of understandings with Lockheed Martin’s Fire Department, the City of Fort Worth Fire Department, and several other community fire departments as means to provide and receive aid as needed and/or required; and to maintain an absolute professional relationship with not only the tenant commands aboard NAS Fort Worth but also the surrounding communities.

If the fire trucks are out and about, chances are they are training. From on and off base familiarization of facilities and streets, to live fire training consisting of buildings, cars, helicopters, and aircraft, Fire and Emergency Services are training on something daily. Emergency Medical Service, Hazardous Materials, confined space, trench rescue, vehicle rescue, high and low angle rescue, water rescue, and aircraft rescue firefighting are just some of the training requirements necessary to increase proficiency during real world emergencies.

For emergencies, dial 911. If calling from a cell phone, request to be transferred to the 911 dispatch for NAS Fort Worth. REMEMBER: know the location and the building number. Cell phone towers direct emergency calls to a 911 dispatch out in town. For non-emergency calls, contact the on-duty Assistant Fire Chief at 817-782-6339 or the on-duty Fire Battalion Chief at 817-782-6337.

NAS Fort Worth Fire and Emergency Services Fire Prevention Team is second to none. While providing first class service to all the commands aboard NAS Fort Worth by providing very detailed fire safety inspections and conducting annual fire drills to all the facilities, they offer fire warden training and fire extinguisher training monthly, during safety stand downs, and as requested. With over 425 facilities, they ensure each and every one gets the attention it/they deserve. For questions or to identify something believed to be unsafe, call 817-782-6333/6340/6341.


Bldg. 1427

Information Technology’s mission is to provide tenants and department heads the technical assistance to meet NAS Fort Worth JRB’s mission to support the war-fighter at home and abroad. Each command maintains an IT staff to assist with command
IT requirements.

Installation IT Support:

CNIC IT Customers 817-782-7997

Enterprise Land Mobile Radio 817-782-6552

Key Management/EKMS 817-782-6064

Base Communications Officer 817-782-7400

8th MCD IT 817-782-6767

14th Marines IT 817-782-6654

136th Communications 817-852-3040

301st Communications 817-782-5657

Information Dominance IT 817-782-7107

MAG-41/MWSS-473 IT 817-782-2762

MACS-24 IT 817-782-1253

NOSC IT 817-782-1950

VMGR-234 IT 817-782-2908

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