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Tenant Commands

Tenant Commands

Ft Worth_2019 Tenant Commands



Bldg. 1049
Operations: 817-782-6196


Bldg. 1029
Unit Administrator: 817-782-5503

The Baker Company 90th Aviation Support Battalion is a unit of the 11th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade, as part of the Army Reserve Aviation Command. Their primary mission is rotary-wing maintenance support. As an Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Company, Baker Company (B Company) is responsible for repairing Army helicopters and aviation equipment essential to continuing operations in support of the aviation and ground force commanders worldwide.



Bldg. 1513
Duty cell: 214-733-3528 (Available 24/7)

8th Marine Corps District mission is to continue to uphold Marine Corps standards and traditions while achieving its assigned officer, enlisted, and prior service recruiting mission by component and category in order to provide the Marine Corps with the best possible Marines to lead the Corps and to win the nation’s battles.


Bldg. 4210
817-822-8157 (Available 24/7)

The 14th Marine Regiment provides augmentation (cannon/target acquisition) to active component artillery regiment/battalion tactical missions in support of the Ground Combat Element, provides General Support/General Support Reinforcing rocket and missile fires in support of the Marine Air Ground Task Force, and prepares and deploys Force Artillery capability to facilitate the command and control of surface-to-surface missile fires in support of the Marine Air Ground Task Force.


Bldg. 1068
MAG-41 Duty: 817-782-2718 (Available 24/7)

Marine Aircraft Group 41’s (MAG-41) mission is to man, train and equip task organized Air Combat Elements (ACE) in order to augment and reinforce the active component in support of Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) operations. When directed, MAG-41 serves as an intermediate aviation provider to Marine Forces Reserves in order to enhance mobilization readiness.

Local subordinate units:

  • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 112 (VMFA-112)
  • Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 234 (VMGR-234)
  • Marine Air Control Squadron 24 Detachment A (MACS-24 Det A)
  • Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 41 (MALS-41)
  • Marine Wing Support Squadron 473 (MWSS-473 Det B)


Bldg. 4253
MAG-41 Duty: 817-782-2718 (Available 24/7)

Marine Air Control Squadron 24 Detachment A (MACS-24 Det A) is a reserve United States Marine Corps air traffic control detachment aboard NAS Fort Worth JRB. The unit’s mission is the support of air control operations as directed by the Commanding General, Marine Forces Reserve and to provide air surveillance, control of aircraft and ground based air defense assets, and to provide navigational assistance to itinerant friendly aircraft in support of the Fleet Marine Force.



Bldg. 1050
Squadron Gunnery Sergeant: 817-782-2905
Squadron Operations: 817-782-2900
MAG-41 Duty: 817-782-2718 (Available 24/7)

Marine Air Refueling Transport Squadron 234 (VMGR-234) support the Marine Air Ground Task Force Commander by providing air-to-air refueling and assault support, day or night, under all weather conditions during expeditionary, joint, or combined operations.

VMGR Squadrons or detachments deploy when supporting a Marine Expeditionary Unit or as part of an aviation combat element in response to a request for forces. Deploying elements are capable of conducting operations within 24 hours of arrival. Deployed VMGR units sustain operations for short durations from an established ashore facility capable of providing aviation support.


Bldg. 1050
MAG-41 Duty: 817-782-2718 (Available 24/7)

Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 41 (MALS-41) is a USMC reserve aviation logistics support unit. They provide logistical support to FA-18 and KC-130 squadrons assigned to 4th Marine Aircraft Wing and Commander, Naval Air Reserve Force.


Bldg. 1403
Operations: 817-782-2975
MAG-41 Duty: 817-782-2718 (Available 24/7)


Bldg. 1410
Duty Phone: 682-225-0294 (Available 24/7)

Marine Wing Support Squadron 473 provides all essential Aviation Ground Support requirements to a designated fixed-wing and rotor-wing components of an Aviation Combat Element (ACE) and all supporting or attached elements of the Marine Aircraft Group 41 (MAG-41).



OIC and Simulators, Bldg. 1752

Maintenance Classrooms, Bldg. 1445

Classrooms, SEL and Instructors Offices, Bldg. 1402

ALTC OIC: 817-782-5229

ALTC SEL: 817-782-1207

ALTC LPO: 817-782-7466

ALTC ADMIN: 817-782-7466

ALTC CDO mobile: 817-266-1570 (Available 24/7)

Air Logistics Training Center’s mission is to provide the expertise and training to enable Fleet Logistics Support Squadrons to safely and effectively accomplish their mission.


Bldg. 1445

817-825-6438 (Available 24/7)

Command Duty Officer: 817-825-6436 (Available 24/7)

Command Switchboard: 817-782-7800

Executive Office: 817-782-7880

Admin: 817-782-7965

Operations: 817-782-6302

Maintenance: 817-782-6110

Supply: 817-782-6315

NATOPS: 817-782-6279

IT: 817-782-6823

Training: 817-782-7848

Airwing staff supporting the Navy’s largest airwing comprised of 12 squadrons,
2 detachments, 4 Aviation Support Divisions, over 2,700 personnel and 100% of the Navy’s medium and heavy airlift capability. These units perform continuous short notice, worldwide air logistics service to the fleet. As a staff, our mission is to provide the necessary expertise, guidance, resources, and training to enable our squadrons to effectively accomplish their mission.

Squadrons Supported/Type of Aircraft/Location:

  • Executive Transport Detachment
  • Sigonella/C-20G/NAS Sigonella, Italy
  • Executive Transport Detachment Pacific/ C-37/Hickam AFB, Hawaii
  • VR-1/C-37/Joint Base Andrews, Md.
  • VR-51/C-20/MCAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii
  • VR-53/C-130/Joint Base Andrews, Md.
  • VR-54/C-130/NAS New Orleans, La.
  • VR-55/C-130/Point Mugu, Calif.
  • VR-56/C-40/NAS Oceana, Va.
  • VR-57/C-40/NAS North Island, Calif.
  • VR-58/C-40/NAS Jacksonville, Fla.
  • VR-59/C-40/NAS Fort Worth JRB, Texas
  • VR-61/C-40/NAS Whidbey Island, Wash.
  • VR-62/C-130/NAS Jacksonville, Fla.
  • VR-64/C-130/Joint Base McGuire, N.J.


Bldg. 1510

The Tactical Support Wing (TSW) is a United States Navy reserve air wing whose primary mission is operational and training support for active forces. The TSW provides support to active forces and assists in training services, exercise support, counter narcotic operations, fleet contributory support, and preparation to deploy to any protracted conflict and operate as an integrated air wing. The wing would also respond during a national crisis.

Subordinate Units

Based at NAS Fort Worth JRB, the wing is composed of five squadrons and five Squadron Augment Units (SAU) in seven states.

It is the Navy Reserve’s only tactical wing, and has been since the 1994 disestablishment of the Navy’s West Coast reserve air wing (CVWR-30).

In 2007, the wing was renamed from Reserve Carrier Air Wing 20 (CVWR-20) under the Navy’s Active-Reserve Integration (ARI) plan.


To support active forces and assist in training services, exercise support, counter narcotic operations, fleet contributory support, and preparation to deploy to any protracted conflict and operate as an integrated air wing. The wing would also respond during a national crisis.

Subordinate Units

The Tactical Support Wing consists of five squadrons:

  • VFA-204 River Rattlers – based at NAS New Orleans JRB, La.
  • VAQ-209 Star Warriors – based at NAS Whidbey Island, Wash.
  • VFC-12 Fighting Omars – based at NAS Oceana, Va.
  • VFC-13 Saints – based at NAS Fallon, Nev.
  • VFC-111 Sundowners – based at NAS Key West, Fla.


Bldg. 1048
Duty Desk: 817-782-3420 (Available 24/7)

Fleet Logistics Support Squadron FIVE-NINE (VR-59) is a Navy Reserve squadron with a full-time operational mission with 240 Full Time Support and Selected Reserve personnel. The Lone Star Express provides essential, responsive, and flexible airlift in support of the Navy’s peacetime operations, combat missions, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief worldwide.

VR-59’s maintain and operate 3 C-40A Clipper aircraft out of NAS Fort Worth JRB in support of Navy Air Logistics Office mission tasking to deliver Navy cargo and personnel to training and operating destinations around the world. VR-59 also detaches to three overseas duty stations on rotational schedules in support of 5th, 6th, and 7th Fleet operational tasking throughout the year.


Bldg. 1055
Command Duty Officer: 214-681-1937 (Available 24/7)

Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) West, Detachment Fort Worth is part of the FRC West Family. We continue to uphold the highest traditions of excellence and a well-deserved reputation as one of the premier small unit FRC sites, which provides intermediate level aviation maintenance in support of the Naval Aviation Enterprise. A uniquely integrated organization with Navy and Marine Corps personnel that set the standard for efficient operations, FRC West, Detachment Fort Worth has successfully “co-opted” three separate commands (Fleet Readiness Center West, Detachment Fort Worth; Marine Air Logistics Squadron FOUR ONE; and Aviation Support Department Fort Worth) into one operational unit.


Bldg. 1401

Fleet Readiness Center Aviation Support Equipment (ASE) provides agile, relevant, quality ASE maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services to meet Naval Aviation Enterprise entitlements and the Optimized Fleet Response Plan requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner. FRC ASE’s services provide seamless integrated MRO services to reduce the cycle time and improve the availability of ready for use aviation support equipment assets for USN and USMC activities.

FRC ASE Capabilities & Services include:

  • Depot-Level Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul
  • Corrosion Control
  • NDI
  • Welding, Machining, Sheet Metal Forming
  • Plating, Milling, Machining, Remanufacturing
  • Proof Load Testing
  • Cable Manufacturing
  • Avionics MRO
  • Engine Test Cell Calibration
  • 7R Component Repair
  • Deployable Field Team Support
  • Reverse Engineering for Obsolescence


Bldg. 1720

The premier Navy-operated Joint Reserve Intelligence Center in the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Joint Reserve Intelligence Program (JRIP), JRIC Fort Worth provides world-class facilities for training and intelligence production enabling Reserve Intelligence Warfare personnel to train for mobilization readiness while concurrently fulfilling operational requirements. JRIC Fort Worth boasts 13,000 sq. ft. of classified workspace utilized by more than 450 active duty, reserve, guard and civilian personnel who support commands at the operational and tactical level. Specifically, JRIC Fort Worth supports the missions of the Defense Intelligence Agency, US Pacific Command, US Central Command, US Strategic Command, Joint Intelligence Operations Center-South, and Navy Information Operations Command-Texas, amongst many others.


Bldg. 1215

Public Works Department Fort Worth provides a full range of facility services, including infrastructure sustainment, restoration and modernization, construction, transportation, engineering, utilities, janitorial services, refuse collection, grounds maintenance and pest control. The Public Works team includes the Facilities Management Division, Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Department (FEAD), and Production Division.

Facilities Management Division

The Facilities Management Division of Public Works is responsible for working with base departments and tenant commands to identify space, facility and utility requirements.

Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Department (FEAD)

Public Works FEAD oversees all construction and services contracted through the Naval Facilities Engineering Command. FEAD is dedicated to ensuring quality and safety in construction, and comprehensive coordination with all departments and tenant commands supported by base and facility services.

Production Division

The Production Division oversees maintenance shops, transportation, and utilities and energy management. The maintenance shops employ tradesmen and skilled workers that conduct base maintenance and repair throughout the year. Transportation provides vehicles, including green vehicles, to departments and tenant commands. It is also responsible for licensing personnel on special purpose vehicles. Utilities and Energy Management is responsible for energy and water management, awareness and conservation. It continues to develop strategies for achieving energy reduction and renewable energy goals.



Bldg. 1251

Duty Cell: 817-565-0891 (Available 24/7)

Hazmat: 817-782-7546

Warehouse: 817-782-5546

Transportation: 817-782-6803

Household Goods: 817-782-7300

Fuels: 817-782-7661

Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center Jacksonville provides Operational Logistics support to 50 Naval and Joint units, 19 Shore Installations, and two Industrial Activities across the Southeastern U.S., Caribbean, and South America. Perform other functions as directed by Commander, NAVSUP Global Logistics Support.


Bldg. 3355

Navy Munitions Command Atlantic Detachment Fort Worth’s mission is to provide ordnance support safely to NAS Fort Worth JRB, NAS Corpus Christi, NAS Kingsville and their tenant commands while providing surge capability in support of worldwide operations under the command and control of U.S. Fleet Forces and Navy Munitions Command Atlantic.


Bldg. 1803
Command Duty Officer: 817-637-1649 (Available 24/7)

Navy Region Southeast Reserve Component Command Fort Worth is an Echelon IV Staff Command exercising oversight of 20 Navy Operational Support Centers and 7,200 Selected Reservists geographically located in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kansas.


10th Air Force
Bldg. 1700

Tenth Air Force, located at NAS Fort Worth JRB, Texas, directs the activities of nearly 20,000 reserve, active duty and civilian personnel located at 37 military installations throughout the United States.

10th Air Force Mission Statement

The mission of Tenth Air Force is to organize, train and equip mission-ready Tenth Air Force Reserve Citizen Airmen to fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace.

10th Air Force History

Tenth Air Force was activated in February 1942 at Patterson Field, Ohio. In August 1943, it was assigned to Air Forces China-Burma-India Sector. Throughout the years there were numerous inactivations and activations. In 1976, it was re-designated Tenth Air Force and assigned to Air Force Reserve Command and eventually moved to NAS Fort Worth JRB (then Carswell Air Reserve Station) in June 1996.

10th Air Force Operations

With 45 full-time and 24 traditional reserve headquarters staff members, Tenth Air Force serves as the focal point for all matters pertaining to assigned Air Force Reserve units and individuals. The headquarters monitors and provides assistance to all subordinate units to help resolve problem areas and more efficiently maintain unit combat readiness.

Tenth Air Force is the Air Force Reserve Command’s most diverse Numbered Air Force. It manages and supervises all reserve fighter and bomber operations and training, special operations, rescue, airborne warning and control, combat air operations battle staff, remotely-piloted aircraft, space, cyber, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance units. When mobilized or used in a full-time capacity, Tenth Air Force delivers combat capability to Air Combat Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, Pacific Air Forces, Air Force Space Command, Air Force Global Strike Command, Air Education and Training Command, and the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency, as well as United States Strategic Command.

Almost all flying organizations within Tenth Air Force are associated with active-duty units. Active associate wings, in which the reserve unit maintains responsibility for the equipment, fly the F-16 Fighting Falcon, A-10 Thunderbolt II and B-52 Stratofortress. Where the active duty maintains responsibility for the equipment, Tenth Air Force members are classically associated in missions flying the F-35 Lightning II, F-22 Raptor, F-15E Strike Eagle, F-16, B-52, B-1B Lancer, U-28, C-145A, C-146, AC-130U Specter, MC-130H Combat Talon, E-3 Sentry, and the Predator, Reaper and Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The 920th Rescue Wing is a stand-alone unit equipped with the HC-130 Hercules and the HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter.

Other organizations include combat air operations, medical, civil engineer, combat logistics, communications, security forces, aerial port, intelligence and aeromedical units. Additionally, the Reserve portion of the Air National Guard/Air Force Reserve Test Center (AATC), which conducts operational test and evaluation of fighter equipment and improvements, is directly assigned to Tenth Air Force, as is the 610th Command and Control Squadron, which directly supports United States Strategic Command.


  • 301st Fighter Wing, NAS Fort Worth JRB, Texas
  • 307th Bomb Wing, Barksdale AFB, La.
  • 310th Space Wing, Schriever AFB, Colo.
  • 419th Fighter Wing, Hill AFB, Utah
  • 442d Fighter Wing, Whiteman AFB, Mo.
  • 482d Fighter Wing, Homestead ARB, Fla.
  • 919th Special Operations Wing, Duke Field, Fla.
  • 920th Rescue Wing, Patrick AFB, Fla.
  • 926th Wing, Nellis AFB, Nev.
  • 944th Fighter Wing, Luke AFB, Ariz.

Direct Reporting Groups

  • 477th Fighter Group, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska
  • 513th Air Control Group, Tinker AFB, Okla.
  • 610th Air Operations Group, March AFB, Calif.
  • 655th ISR Group, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio
  • 960th Cyber Operations Group, Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas

Direct Reporting Units

  • Air National Guard (ANG) Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Test Center (AATC)
  • 610th Command and Control Squadron, Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz.

301st Fighter Wing

Bldg. 1654

Contact information:

301st Fighter Wing Command Post:

817-782-6888 (Available 24/7)

301st Fighter Wing Public Affairs: 817-782-7170

301st Force Support Squadron/ID card section: 817-782-6852

301st Education and Training: 817-782-6978

301st Fighter Wing Legal Office: 817-782-7620

301st Fighter Wing Finance office: 817-782-6962

The 301st Fighter Wing is one of more than 50 flying units in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. The wing along with its higher headquarters, 10th Air Force, is located at Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth, Texas. With more than 2,000 Reserve Citizen Airmen, active duty and civilians, the fighter wing is the largest tenant unit on the installation.

The mission of the 301st Fighter Wing is to train and deploy combat-ready Airmen, and is equipped with the F-16C Fighting Falcon aircraft.

The wing has a rich history dating back to the mid-1940s and it continues to make history.

Activated on October 5, 1944, the 301st Fighter Wing flew the P-47 Thunderbolt escorting bombers in East Asia supporting the Ryukyus campaign during World War II. Five years later, it deactivated. In 1972, the fighter wing reactivated at Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, and has been located here ever since.

The wing was the first Air Force Reserve fighter unit to deploy to overseas bases for NATO exercises when it deployed to Norvenich Air Base, Germany, in August 1977, and again, to Cigli Air Base, Turkey, in October 1982.

The 1990s began with wing members being called to active duty during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Later, the wing deployed its aircraft to Darwin, Australia, as the first Air Force Reserve fighter wing to participate in Aces North, a joint U.S.-Australian exercise.

The post-Cold War era has been characterized by an increase in contingency operations. The 301st FW participated in seven operations, flying approximately 1,000 combat sorties over Bosnia and Iraq. These included Operation Deny Flight, Operation Decisive Edge, Operation Southern Watch, and Operation Northern Watch.

Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, Reserve Citizen Airmen deployed in support of Operation Southern Watch. After they arrived, they were also tasked to fly nearly 200 missions and released approximately 200 bombs on enemy targets during Operation Enduring Freedom. On the home front, wing members supported Operation Noble Eagle (ONE) homeland-defense missions.

Since 9/11, 301st Fighter Wing units have deployed supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Freedom’s Sentinel.

The Air Force Reserve’s premier fighter wing is composed of command and wing staff agencies, three groups and two direct reporting units. The units are:

301st Operations Group

The 301st Operations Group directs the training and readiness of assigned personnel who assure the following capabilities: immediate mobilization and worldwide deployment; employment of the F-16C utilizing the aircraft’s unique precision ground attack and offensive capability; constant vigilance at home and abroad to provide an advanced force for homeland defense.

301st Maintenance Group

The 301st Maintenance Group directs component repair, equipment maintenance, sortie production and overall daily maintenance operations for the wing. The group employs more than 750 military and civilian personnel in 21 Air Force specialty areas. The group provides intermediate and organizational level F-16 maintenance support for the 457th Fighter Squadron with highly trained, deployable personnel. It ensures quality of aircraft maintenance with an annual operating budget of $2.2M. The 301st Maintenance Group is comprised of two squadrons — Maintenance Squadron and Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

301st Mission Support Group

The 301st Mission Support Group commands more than 600 military and civilian Airmen in civil engineering, force support, security forces, communications, logistics readiness, aerial port, contracting, deployment processing, and bio-environmental. The group implements and directs programs, plans and policies for assigned F-16s in wartime and contingency missions as well as peacetime quality of life. It directs management, training and budget reports to maximize readiness within funding constraints while overseeing wing military construction projects.

301st Medical Squadron

The 190-plus member squadron provides in-garrison support to the 301st Fighter Wing and deployable support to combatant commands. The medical unit is one of three Air Force Reserve Command medical units to establish and fully staff an Expeditionary Medical Support facility in a deployed environment.

355th Fighter Squadron

The 355th Fighter Squadron is an active-duty associate direct reporting unit to the fighter wing. The active-duty squadron integrates into the 301st Fighter Wing by providing F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft maintenance, pilots and other support personnel to execute strategic attack, counter air, air interdiction and close air support missions. It is one of the U.S. Air Force’s largest total force enterprise wings.

44th Fighter Group

The 44th Fighter Group is a classic associate unit partnered with the 325th Fighter Wing at Tyndall AFB, Fla. The unit’s mission centers around the F-22 Raptor, a 5th generation fighter aircraft, and T-38A Talon Adversary aircraft. The squadrons within the group are the 301st Fighter Squadron and 44th Maintenance Squadron. Its mission is to train and produce unrivaled 5th generation combat airpower through mission-ready Airmen.


Bldg. 1780
7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

The Air Force Civilian Personnel Office provides services for “Air Force” components on Local Union Labor/Employee Relations and Hiring. For information regarding appropriated civilian vacancies, federal employment in general, and to submit a resume, visit (Location: Fort Worth). No resumes accepted on location. Executive Order 13473, authorizes noncompetitive appointments in the civil service for spouses of certain members of the armed forces. This authority can be used for temporary, term, or permanent positions consistent with the provisions of 5 CFR 315.612 and 5 CFR 316. This hiring authority does not constitute a hiring preference for eligible military spouses or entitlement to a federal job. Spouses MUST apply to a job announcement on USAJOBS ( and must be qualified for the position to be referred. To learn more about the federal hiring process, how to assess individual skills and interests to match potential career opportunities, and employment information in general, please visit the Fleet and Family Support Center. For more information or if PCSing to NAS Fort Worth and need to register in Priority Placement Program as a current federal employee and PCSing with a military member on orders, contact the Air Force Civilian Personnel Office for an appointment.


136th Airlift Wing
Bldg. 1672
817-852-3260 (Available 24/7)

The 136th Airlift Wing is one of three flying units in the Texas Air National Guard. The 136th AW’s mission includes tactical airlift, airdrop, assault and medical evacuation using 8 C-130H Hercules all-purpose aircraft. The wing is comprised of 5 groups, 19 units and 1 Geographically Separated Unit (GSU). “We are Texans serving Texas, ready to answer our nation’s call anywhere, anytime. Nulli Secundus!”

254th Combat Communications Group

The 254th Combat Communications Group (254 CCG), located on Hensley Field, Dallas, delivers expeditionary combat communications to extend cyberspace in support of combatant commanders and civil authorities. The group has functional oversight of eight combat communications squadrons from seven different states, including the 221st Combat Communications Squadron.

Air National Guard Band of the Southwest

Bldg. 1669

The Air National Guard Band of the Southwest is, by gubernatorial decree, the official band of the state of Texas. The band is a component of the Texas Air National Guard and is based with the 136th Airlift Wing at NAS Fort Worth JRB, Texas. Historically known as the 531st Air Force Band, the Air National Guard Band of the Southwest is proud to have served the military personnel and citizens of the United States of America for over fifty years, from local community concerts to ceremonies for elected state and federal government officials, including the President of the United States.

Air National Guard musicians are citizen-airmen: part-time Guard members with full-time civilian careers. They rehearse and perform one weekend a month and perform an annual concert tour. Within the organization, the Band has a concert band, jazz ensemble, and various pop and concert small ensembles. The Band’s current area of responsibility includes Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Texas, although it has performed in more than a dozen states. The Band has twice deployed units to Southwest Asia, touring Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, and Djibouti in 2007 and 2011. As part of the Texas National Guard, the Band was also activated to support humanitarian relief efforts in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Harvey.


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