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With over 28 years of selling experience I’m ready to earn the pleasure to work with you and your family during your transition. I am committed to helping you SELL or BUY your home with the highest level of expertise in your local real estate market, and help you understand each step of the buying or selling process. 

My level to service has helped me build a remarkable track record of delivering results. You can count on me to always do what’s in your best interest. I pride myself on being honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable in the real estate market, and assisting in my client’s needs as a home buyer or seller.

Why do buyers and sellers choose eXp Realty? It could be our core values, technology, exposure and our experienced agents! Our global brokerage offers the best technology that allows us to assist you with all your buying and selling real-estate needs, servicing all 50 States and world wide.

We can assist with your sale no matter where your next tour takes you.

I have years of experience supporting military families while owning a business on the New Orleans Navy base. My son Anthony Dazet Jr. served over 16 years in the Army National Guard.


Anthony Dazet Sr. | EXP Realty | 434 N Columbia St. Suite 202. Covington, LA 70443

Cell: 504-390-2522 |


Ashlie Tucker | Arbor Lending Group | 3525 N. Causeway Blvd. Suite 618. Metairie, LA 70002

Direct 504-210-0038 | Cell: 504-427-0781 |



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1. Find an agent who works with military personnel – When it comes to finding someone with the right knowhow to help you with real estate, nothing beats firsthand experience. As military personnel, veterans, or their family members you have specific needs and benefits that require consideration and understanding. Having a real estate agent who’s dealt with situations exactly like (or at least close) to yours will make any property rental or purchase go as smoothly and simply as possible. Your best bet in making sure an agent has the knowledge you need is to find one who’s earned a Military Relocation Professional (MRP) certification from the National Association of Realtors.

2. Make sure an agent knows your specific timeline – Military orders are rarely, if ever, flexible in any way, so the timeline of your or your family’s next move is pretty much set in stone. Moreover, most orders requiring a relocation (either PCS or short term) arrive a few months, at the most, before they take effect. So your moving timeline is typically both very short and extremely rigid. Let any agent you speak to know when and where you need to move in or out from the very start of your interaction. That way you both know right away if they can get what you need done in time or if you have to keep searching for an agent who can.

3. If you’re looking into a VA loan, use an agent who knows the process well – VA loans are a great tool for veterans and their families looking to realize their dream of home ownership. But it, like nearly any loan process, can be a complicated one. And it’s definitely something you want to get done the right way. Just as you should use a Military Relocation Professional (or similarly qualified agent) to help you move between bases, find an agent with previous VA loan experience to help you with yours. Someone who’s gone through the process of helping a client get their certificate of eligibility, obtain their loan from a VA approved lender, and purchase their dream home will be well-equipped to help you do the same.

4. A good agent will listen to exactly what you want and work hard to find it – When it comes to real estate transaction, your agent is the expert but you are the customer. And, as the old saying goes, the customer is always right. Your realtor’s job is to make sure you get exactly what you want in the easiest, fastest, most cost effective way. So you want one who pays close attention to your requirements, finds answers to all your questions, and does their utmost to get you the sale, rental, or purchase you need.