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Key West Island Charters is a family owned and operated business by Molly and Daniel
Weilacher. Originally, from a small town East of Cleveland, Ohio, they moved to Key West to
fulfill their dream of being in and around the water everyday. Molly is a PADI Certified Open
Water Scuba Instructor. She first got her open water certification in 2007, with going on many
family dive trips while growing up there was no doubt that this is what she loved to do. Molly
completed her Instructor training in Grand Cayman Islands in 2018. Daniel owned and operated
an excavating company in Ohio, and when he received his open water certification in 2016 his
life changed forever! Molly and Daniel knew that where they belonged, was in a tropical place,
within walking distance of the water. In 2018, they accomplished this dream!

Key West Island Charters specializes in small groups, of up to 6 people on the boat which
allows for a more relaxed and custom trip to fit your needs! Key West Island Charters offers PADI
Discover Scuba Diving courses, PADI Scuba certifications, half day Scuba trips and full day
trips. We also offer numerous snorkeling excursions, trips to the sandbar, and sunset cruises.
Key West houses the third largest barrier reef in the world and is also home to the only living
barrier reef system in North America, where you will find the reef formations near the coastline. The reef is approximately 6 miles offshore, which makes it extremely accessible for Scuba Divers and Snorkelers. Key West has the majority of its dive sites located in the National Marine Sanctuary, which is a highly protected area and houses a spectacular underwater world. Over 500 species of tropical fish, and over 100 species of corals can be found in the waters; this also allows for shallower dive depths ranging from 15 feet to approximately 40 feet. There are also many ship wrecks that can found in the waters of Key West, with the General Hoyt S. Vandenberg being one of the most popular and sought after ship wrecks for scuba divers. The Vandenberg is a 523 foot long ship, that is seven miles south of Key West. The ship was sunk in May of 2009 and sits in approximately 145 feet of water, with the superstructure beginning about 45 feet below the surface. Certifications courses will be in a fun and relaxed environment, with small groups of divers we allow for a maximized learning experience, and provide more of a one on one with student and instructor. We can customize your day to fit the needs of every person in your group! Come experience the beautiful and pristine waters that Key West has to offer and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!
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