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Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard


Naval Air Station Key West, Florida, is the U.S. Navy’s premier training station for tactical aviation squadrons. Local aerial ranges enable aviators to engage in training maneuvers within minutes of takeoff. This saves fuel, time and tax dollars. The station is equipped with a sophisticated tactical combat training system, similar to the one depicted in the popular 1986 movie “Top Gun,” which tracks and records combat aerial maneuvers. Training officers can use this system to watch their students’ flight performances in real time, and students can watch and critique their own flight performances on screen after training sessions. As a host station, NASKW provides and maintains facilities and services for tenants and ensures quality of life for personnel. The station is located within a national marine sanctuary. Mission is carefully integrated with the environment and in concert with the community.


All newly arriving personnel with orders to report to Naval Air Station Key West will first need to report to Boca Chica Field on U.S. 1 at mile marker (MM) 8.


Airport to Boca Chica
Turn left on S. Roosevelt Boulevard.
Turn right on U.S. 1 (second light).
Take ramp to right just before MM8.
(Sign posted “Naval Air Station Next Right”)

Mainland Florida to Boca Chica

Take U.S. 1 to MM8.
Take ramp to right.
(Sign posted “Naval Air Station Next Right”)

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