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Major Units and Organizations

Major Units and Organizations

Supporting NAS Kingsville and Training Air Wing TWO’s mission of training Navy and Marine Corps Jet/Strike aviators for the Fleet includes a total team effort by commands and activities throughout the Naval Air Station.

The 1,650 base population includes (on average) nearly 200 flight students going through training, 150 flight instructors, and more than 550 contract employees handling aircraft maintenance, fuel services, Air Operations and facility maintenance.


Training Air Wing Two

About 200 flight students report to Training Air Wing TWO each year for advanced/undergraduate Jet/strike Training.

These students report to one of two training squadrons: Training Squadron Twenty One (VT-21) or Training Squadron Twenty Two (VT-22), and begin 11-13 months of extensive training, which leads to their earning the designation of “Naval Aviators” and receiving their coveted “Wings of Gold.”

Training Air Wing TWO is responsible for providing the Fleet with newly winged Navy and Marine Corps aviators. At any given time the Air Wing consists of approximately 200 Student Naval Aviators, 75 instructor pilots, more than 500 civilian and contract employees, and 105 T-45 Goshawk aircraft.  TW-2 trains 50 percent of the Navy and Marine Corps’ jet/strike pilots each year, with the remainder being trained at Training Air Wing ONE at NAS Meridian, Miss.

Introduced to NAS Kingsville in 1992, the Goshawk is part of the T-45A/C Training System (TS) developed by McDonnell Douglas, now Boeing Aircraft Company. The students undergo a rigorous syllabus in the T-45A/C Goshawk on the way to earning their “Wings of Gold.”


U.S. Army Reserve

F Company, 7-158th Aviation Regiment

NAS Kingsville is home to F Company, 7-15th Aviation Regiment, which is organized under 7th Battalion 158th Aviation Regiment, Fort Hood, TX. The “Saints'” mission is to provide aeromedical evaduation, MEDEVAC, to support division level units. F. Company is comprised of four forward support medical  teams (FSMT). Each FSMT supports brigade-size units. In a theater of operation, the “Saints'” primary mssion is the expedient clearing of casualties off the battle field. Aeromedical evacuation plays a critical role in maintaining our nation’s fighting force.

The first two helicopters assigned to the “Saints” arrived as NAS Kingsville in June 2011. When the unit is fully operational, there will be six Black Hawks and 40 support personnel stationed aboard the air station. The HH-60M helos assigned to the MEDEVAC unit are state-of-the-art and are designed to hold six patients.

370th Transportation Company (PLS)

NAS Kingsville is home to the U.S. Army Reserve 370th Transportation Company (PLS) Detachment 1, Kingsville Naval Air Station, TX. Company headquarters are located in Brownsville, TX. The Kingsville detachment is an Army platoon-size unit with approximately 50 Soldiers assigned. There are three full-time Army Reserve staff members (Active Guard Reserves or AGRs) on board the air station, with offices located in the new Armed Forces Reserve Center on board the air station. Personnel at the Center can be reached by calling (361) 516-8630.

PLS that follows the 370th Transportation Company title stands for Palletized Load System (M1074, M1075). This describes the trucks and equipment assigned to the unit. There are four of these vehicles currently assigned at NAS Kingsville for use in training.


Branch Health Clinic Kingsville

Phone: (361) 516-6113  Appointments: 1-(877)-628-9633

Branch Health Clinic Kingsville provides outpatient medical care to active duty military personnel, military retirees and their family members. Primary Care offers the largest concentration of care, with illness intervention requiring hospitalization provided through external resource sharing agreements.

Beneficiaries in the system have a Primary Care Manager as a central point of care delivery. The heath care system offers a wide range of outpatient services including: Primary Care, Military Medicine, Flight Medicine, Occupational Health Services, Optometry Specialty Services from NHC Corpus Christi, Health Promotion and wellness, Ancillary Services, Manage Care, Health Benefits Advisors, and UM/Risk Management.

There are about 50 staff members at BHC Kingsville. The clinic is an active participant in the TRICARE Program, with more than 2,200 enrolled TRICARE Prime beneficiaries that account for more than 13,000 annual visits to the clinic.


Contract Employers

L-3 Vertex

L-3 Vertex is the largest contract employer on the air station with more than 400 employees. L-3 holds the maintenance contract for the T-45 Goshawk, through Training Air Wing TWO and the Chief of Naval Air Training Command (CNATRA).

L-3 Communications Vertex Aerospace (L-3 Vertex), based in Madison, Miss., provides aviation maintenance and logistics support primarily for U.S. government customers. The corporation has more than 11,000 employees at 300 locations worldwide (33 states and 32 countries), supporting 3,600 military and government aircraft, ground vehicles and systems in our nation’s global fight on terrorism.

Fidelity Technologies, Inc.

Fidelity Technologies holds the contract for Simulator Instruction for Training Air Wing TWO. About 30 retired military and civilian pilots instruct students during their simulator training syllabus.

Rolls Royce, Inc.

Rolls-Royce handles all engine maintenance for the T-45 Goshawk, which is powered by a Rolls-Royce engine. Rolls-Royce employees also operate the air station’s Jet Engine Test Cell facility.


CNATRA Detachment

The CNATRA Contract Maintenance Detachment’s function is to perform surveillance of contractor operations for Naval Air Training Command aviation maintenance contracts. The contracts monitored are for the TA-45 Goshawk. The Goshawk and related ground training devices are the means by which Training Air Wing TWO, with training squadrons VT-21 and VT-22 provide jet fighter pilot training to Student Naval Aviators.

Currently, L-3/Vertex has the contract to provide aircraft maintenance on the TA-45, Rolls-Royce has the F405 Power-By-The-Hour engine contract, and LB&B has the contract to maintain flight simulators. Fidelity Technologies holds the simulator instructor contract.

Although the contractors have their own Quality Control inspectors, it is the CNATRA Maintenance Det.’s job to ensure strict compliance. This is accomplished through a series of process audits, which are conducted by CNATRA personnel who have the appropriate training in contract surveillance. The CNATRA Det. also performs surveillance on about 16 training detachments per year, ranging from one to three weeks in duration.

The CNATRA Maintenance Detachment is one of 20 tenant commands on board Naval Air Station Kingsville. Current manning includes the Officer-In-Charge, Deputy OIC, and 10 civil service personnel. Offices are located at 614 McCain St., Building 2741. Contact Numbers: DSN 876-6222/6224; Commercial: (361) 516-6222/6224; FAX (361) 516-6119.

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