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Clovis KinderCare Learning Center
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Licensed Child Care Center

Our Approach to Education

Early Foundations® for Your Early Learner

While your child is very young, every learning moment counts! That’s why our child care programs put education first—even for the tiniest babies—because every adorable coo, crawl, and creation is proof that they’re ready for more than just daycare.
Instead of pulling an existing curriculum off the shelf, we have a dedicated Education team that builds (and refines) our own research-based curriculum to meet the needs of your little learner. They’ve knit together the best parts of leading educational philosophies to make one standout approach you won’t find anywhere but KinderCare. It’s called Early Foundations®.

All About Early Foundations

 Early Foundations takes a whole-child approach to early education, covering six key developmental domains:

  1. Cognitive refers to the process of learning, reasoning and problem-solving, and the development of age-appropriate skills in math, science, and the study of the world around us.
  2. Language and Literacy is all about verbal and non-verbal communication, plus the early skills needed to read and write!
  3. Physical, Motor, and Wellness includes physical health, self-care skills, nutrition, fine- and gross-motor skills, and use of the five senses.
  4. Social-Emotional skills include understanding and controlling emotions, developing empathy, building relationships, appreciating human diversity, and gaining self-confidence.
  5. Executive Function is the ability to control impulses, build memory skills, and practice problem solving.
  6. Creative Expression refers to how children express themselves through music, movement, play, and more.

“Our proprietary developmental curriculum is built by a team of experienced early childhood educators. They have years of classroom experience combined with expertise in child development, educational research, and national accreditation. 

Our program is not only research-based, it’s also fun and engaging! You’ll see your child develop a love of learning and confidence for life.” 

-Dr. Elanna Yalow, Chief Academic Officer

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