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Who We Are & Why We Exist

We provide tools to help fitness enthusiasts and athletes perform better, accelerate recovery. In honor of our service members, we’d like to offer any current active duty or retired veterans a 20% Discount on all Kingsfield Active Recovery Products. Use code MyBaseGuide at checkout on our official website ( to receive this discount. This discount is offered on a good faith basis as we will not require any verification of service. We thank you for your service!

Kingsfield ULTRA Gun (slim)

Our Kingsfield ULTRA Gun slim is the lightest percussive massage device on the market. It is quieter than an electric toothbrush, has a battery that lasts over 6 hours, and is 20% more powerful than the leading percussive massage device. When we designed our ULTRA Gun, we set out with a goal to provide a quality percussive massage device at an affordable price for everyone. Use your Military Discount and get an amazing percussive massage device for an affordable price. With your discount, you can buy 3 of our ULTRA Guns for the price of one Theragun, and still have money left for a nice dinner 🙂

Kingsfield ULTRA Gun Video

  • Quieter than an electric toothbrush.

  • 40% quieter than Theragun G3 Pro

  • Enjoy up to 3,000 Percussions Per Minute with the Kingsfield ULTRA Gun (slim)

  • 20% more Percussions Per Minute than Theragun

  • Over 6 hours of battery life

  • More than 3x the battery life of Theragun

  • Available in Jet Black or Rose Pink

  • Carry Case Included

Kingsfield SPARK Vibrating Foam Roller

Our Kingsfield SPARK Vibrating Foam Roller is more than 2x as effective than a standard foam roller. Increase your range of motion by up to 40% compared to 18% with a traditional foam roller. Trusted by athletes in the NFL, NBA, NFL, & MLB. Get yours today!

Kingsfield SPARK Video

  • Increase Range of Motion by up to 40%

  • Activate Muscles Before Workout

  • Recover More Effectively After Workout

Kingsfield Recovery Boots

Use our Kingsfield Recovery Compression Boots to help increase blood flow to targeted lower body muscle groups. Eliminate lactic acid, reduce inflammation, and accelerate recovery with the Kingsfield Recovery Boots.

Kingsfield Recovery Boots Video

  • Up to 200 mmHg of Compression Massage Therapy

  • Portable: Carry Case Included

  • Use After Workouts, Runs, Etc

  • Assist in Flushing Toxins Like Lactic Acid

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