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The goal of “O Happy Day Tours & Travel Agency” is to produce and maintain excellent client relationships as well as generate a significant number of referrals. We are also determined to continue our professional development (attending industry-related destination webinars, reading travel journals and travel websites, obtain and update certifications, attend familiarity trips (FAMs), personal travel, etc.) to remain current and enable us to go “above and beyond” the call of duty. We follow through on commitments and are punctual, consistent and responsive to our client’s needs. We treat people with respect, kindness, empathy and compassion, and possess a strong moral and ethical compass. We keep confidences and are truthful and sincere. We provide assurances, helping reduce anxiety. We are proactive, responding to issues and creating solutions that guarantee results. We are trusted advisors whose actions are manifestations of our core beliefs and values. 

Do you need to rejuvenate? We make sure that you relax while on vacation or hosting an event and relax during the months and weeks prior. We take the worry out of booking the wrong services from the get-go. We know what things might cause stress while you’re away and we can help you to eliminate them before your trip. 

Do you want more time? You can put time back into your day because we do all the legwork and the paperwork. Got a question or a suggestion? We are a text away. Plus, we set things up, in advance, so they’re done when you get there.

Do you want more for your money? Our ultimate goal is to get the most value for your dollar. We know how to create special packages tailored to your particular needs. We include more than you’d ever expect. We strive hard to stay well within your budget, if realistic.

Do you already know what you want? We value your past travel experiences and want to hear all about them. We value the research you have done. We encourage you to send me articles you find online. We confirm what is “fact” and what is “fiction.” Consider us your personal travel “Reality Detectors.”

Are you overwhelmed by the details? Rest assured that we will always have a longer “to-do” list than you, which is our area of expertise. Utilize us to remember everything so you don’t have to. Focus on your family and your work today while we prepare your vacation. 

Do you want to experience completely new things? No matter how well-traveled you are or how many internet articles you consume, we can provide you with wonderful things that can transform a vacation that will exceed your expectations! Our extensive 18 years of professional travel education and experience, as well as our relationship with many travel suppliers and other professional advisors, is to your advantage.

Do you want more satisfaction? Everything we plan together, plus all the things we plan behind the scenes, will result in a vacation you will talk about forever. We are personally interested in you and the people you travel with. 

Do you want to earn $$$ while vacationing? We plan awesome group trips; you take all the credit. No website and nobody else plan group experiences like us. What groups are you in? Got friends? We meticulously create amazing trips for corporations, families, churches, golf, male and female getaways, networking organizations, etc. Call or email us for more information on how to become a Group Leader.

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