NAS Lemoore Community



Building 800
Bon Homme Richard Road

7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

The Housing Division, comprised of Family Housing (FH), Unaccompanied Housing (UH) and Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS), is in buildings 800 and 804.

Family Housing is in a partnership with Lincoln Military Housing under a Public/Private Venture (PPV) in Lemoore. Under the terms of this partnership, Lincoln Military Housing is responsible for managing on-base family housing to include providing 24-hour management for resident relationships, maintenance and upkeep of the homes and landscape, street repairs and utilities repairs. In addition, Lincoln Military Housing provides free monthly quality-of-life activities for base families. The military members’ Basic Allowance for Housing is provided to Lincoln to cover all costs for rent and utilities through automatic payroll deduction.

There are 1,630 quality on-base homes available, surrounded by playgrounds, park areas, and sports and social amenities. Currently there are three Family Housing community centers with two pools, tennis courts and a variety of social amenities.

Unaccompanied Housing consists of 20 per­m­anent party buildings with 1,178 rooms capable  of housing 1,800 personnel. Rooms for junior service members (E-1 to E-3) are 2 0 or 1 1E, and rooms for E-4 and above are either 1 0 or 1 1E, with phone and cable hookups available. All buildings have laundry rooms, lounges and barbecue facilities. Two UH buildings underwent renovation to repair and improve energy efficiency, plumbing, structure and ATFP. Service members will also enjoy new furnishings, flooring and paint. If you wish to receive a permanent party room or a room while in a geographical bachelor status, please call the Bachelor Quarters manager at 559-998-0597 prior to reporting.

Navy Gateway Inns & Suites is the official and preferred lodging choice for all TDY travelers, offering comfortable accommodations with a welcome atmosphere and stellar customer service. Navy Gateway Inns & Suites at Lemoore is open 24 hours daily and consists of four buildings and 141 standard rooms and suites for active-duty personnel, retirees, NAF or DOD civilians and sponsored guests. Full conference facilities are available in Building 800 that can service up to 70 people. As a result of an excellent staff and management, Navy Gateway Inns & Suites has achieved the Zumwalt five-star accreditation multiple times. In-room amenities include premium cable, wireless Internet, TV, microwave, refrigerator, coffee, newspaper, housekeeping and guest laundry. All four buildings underwent renovation to repair and improve energy efficiency, plumbing, structure and ATFP. Guests will also enjoy new kitchenettes, furnishings, flooring and paint. Navy Gateway Inns & Suites front desk service also registers and checks in permanent party personnel for Unaccompanied Housing.


Lincoln Lemoore District Office
3300 N. Rhino Ave.
Lemoore, CA 93246 559-998-5001

8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday; closed Sunday

More than 4,100 military families reside in the Lemoore area. Approximately 40 percent of these families are housed in PPV quarters. There are 1,630 on-station homes located at NAS Lemoore. Of these homes, 1,436 are enlisted units and 194 are officer units. On average, there are about 200 to 250 families waiting for PPV quarters. Waiting times can be as little as less than a month or as long as six to eight months depending on rank and family size.

Family housing check-in: Service members with eligible family members must check in with the Housing Service Center, at 800 Bon Homme Richard Road, within 30 days of arrival.

This does not obligate you to move into base housing. According to your needs, requirements and eligibility entitlements, you will be placed on the appropriate waitlist or assisted in locating off-station housing.

There are seven on-base family housing communities at NAS Lemoore. Home allocation is based on housing availability along with application date, grade and size of family. Grade structures and community descriptions follow. Additional information can be found on the Lincoln Military Housing website at

Pet policy: Two pets maximum, dogs or cats. Dog breed restrictions apply: no chows, Doberman pinschers, presa canarios, pit bulls (American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier), rottweilers, any wolf hybrid or any mix of the aforementioned breeds, any mix or breed.

Enlisted E-1 through E-6: Reagan Park consists of 40 two- and three-bedroom units, designated for E-1 to E-4, at the north end of the Reagan Park area. All are pet-friendly units with large, fenced yards.

Coral Sea, Constellation, Midway, Carl Vinson, Reagan and Stone parks all have single- and two-story, duplex-style units with two to four bedrooms, small, fenced yards and single attached garages. Some are ADA-compliant units. All are pet-friendly.

Enlisted E-7 through E-9: Stone Park has single- and two-story, duplex-style, three- and four-bedroom units; small, fenced yards; single attached garages; and some ADA-compliant homes. All are pet-friendly.

Officers: Reagan, Stone and Freedom parks have one- and two-story, three- and four-bedroom homes with small, fenced yards. Some are ADA-compliant units. Styles are a mix of single-family, detached homes with attached, two-car garages and duplexes with either single or double garages. All are pet-friendly.

Exceptional Family Member Housing: Exceptional Family Members (EFM) in categories 4 and 5 are eligible for priority housing with control dates directly below the freeze zone (top 10 percent of any waitlist). Other EFM categories and situations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Five percent of each neighborhood is ADA-compliant at Lemoore. ADA adjustments may be made as necessary.

By logging on to the Housing Early Application Tool (HEAT) at, service members or spouses can obtain information Navywide at one or more Navy installations before PCS orders are received with the assistance of a housing counselor.

Military families can apply for PPV housing as soon as PCS orders to NAS Lemoore are received by submitting an advanced application package. Application packages for military families should include:

  • DD 1746 “Application for Housing.”
  • PCS orders.
  • Detaching endorsement.
  • Page 2 (updated record of emergency data).
  • Lautenberg package.
  • Contact phone numbers.
  • Other pertinent information such as custody agreements for minor children, power of attorney or exceptional family member status, if applicable.

The application can be submitted by email, fax or regular mail. The mailing address is Navy Housing Service Center, 800 Bon Homme Richard Road, NAS Lemoore, CA 93246; the fax number is 559-998-4934; and the email address is or


Service members checking into Bachelor Quarters must report to the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites front desk in Building 800. To check into a room, you will need to present a copy of your orders. The facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you wish to receive a room while in a geographical bachelor (GB) status, please call the NAS Lemoore Unaccompanied Housing (UH) complex manager at 559-998-0597 prior to reporting. Arrangements will be made to accommodate your needs as long as space is available.

UH is conveniently located on NAS Lemoore, housing approximately 1,800 personnel in
20 buildings. Accommodations are one or two persons to a room based on pay grade and square footage. Building 800 serves as the check-in point. Linen is provided at check-in. As an added convenience to residents, there are lounges equipped with televisions, washers and dryers, and vending machines in all buildings. There are many advantages to living on base for single Sailors, including a central location, transportation to and from work, off-street parking, free laundry facilities, vending/recreational areas and more. Utility bills are also included.

Most personnel E-4 and below are required to live in UH. More senior personnel may, under certain circumstances, be eligible to live in UH. NAS Lemoore has a full complement of recreational, fitness, dining, religious, educational and other amenities. Most are located within walking distance of UH.

GBs are personnel ordered to NAS Lemoore who, by choice or circumstance, have decided that their dependents will continue to live in another geographic area. GBs receive BAH at the with-dependents rate. They are not normally authorized to live in UH; however, a limited number of spaces are available for GBs. GBs must submit an application for consideration. If approved, the GB will be placed on the waiting list and offered UH when it becomes available. For more information about the GB program and to obtain an application, please contact the UH complex manager.


The Department of Defense relies on the local community to provide the majority of housing occupied by military personnel and their families. Since military housing is only built when there is a shortage of suitable, affordable housing in the private sector, most military families live in off-base rental or privately owned properties. In Lemoore, an average of 60 percent of military service members live in the private sector; about half are renters and half prefer to become homeowners.

Housing Service Center: The HSC is your contact for any problems you may encounter such as discrimination complaints, tenant/landlord disputes, or any questions or problems about off-base housing. The HSC can provide a list of rentals with corresponding locator maps and give information regarding the communities where the rentals are located. All renters should carry renters insurance against fire, theft and other damages. The property owner’s insurance will cover the property but not the renter’s personal property or liability for damage. Transfer insurance coverage after you arrive. Ask about the availability of a Rental Partnership Program with reduced rents, security deposits and credit check fees if you are planning to rent.

Availability: While the average cost of housing in Lemoore is moderate, opportunities to purchase or rent are available throughout the county. The types of housing available are as varied as the communities within the county. Single-family homes, condos, townhouses and apartments are available throughout the private sector.

Deposits and fees: Many realtors and landlords require an application fee to process your application. This fee offsets their expense for verifying your credit references, employment history, etc. If the application fee is $20 or less it does not have to be refunded if you do not take the rental. If the application fee exceeds $20 and you do not rent the unit, you may be entitled to a refund of any money in excess of $20. Refunds may take up to 20 days.

A landlord cannot demand a security deposit of more than an amount equal to two months’ rent for an apartment. In a month-to-month rental agreement, a clause which states that part or all of the security deposit will be forfeited if you move out before a specified period of time (e.g., six months) is in violation of Section 1950.5 of the California Civil Code.

Pet deposits: Many Kings County property managers prohibit pets; others will allow them with an additional deposit or nonrefundable fee. The amount may vary according to the type, size and number of pets. There may also be an additional monthly charge for allowing your pets.

Cost of living: Lemoore has a relatively moderate cost of living with the price of rentals sometimes higher than the housing allowances. Most rental properties require a first and sometimes last month rental deposit with additional charges for pets. Pet ownership can limit your choices of rental housing. The average cost to rent can range from $700 to $1,500 per month depending on size and location.

The average monthly utility payments can range from $75 to $350 for electricity and $30 to $125 for natural gas. Many rental properties and houses are all-electric. Some rentals include water, sewage and garbage as part of the rental payment. However, some do not, and the minimum service through the cities of Lemoore and Hanford could cost about $65 to $100 monthly.

It is a standard practice in the area for property managers to run a credit check on prospective tenants. The credit check will include previous rental history, background survey and criminal record. Negative findings may limit your rental options and may make this process difficult. If you are having credit issues, the Fleet and Family Support Center staff can help you start the repair process.

Rental options: NAS Lemoore has properties for rent listed in the DOD Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN). Applicants can search for current listings at, which provides detailed information, pictures, maps and an assurance that the property has been inspected and the value is reasonable for market.

Purchase options: The Fleet and Family Support Center offers homebuying seminars several times per year to help educate future homebuyers. At these seminars, you will learn how much house you can afford, to include overall cost and monthly payment, what mortgage brokers look for on your credit reports, how to look for and work with a real estate agent, what to expect at the closing, how to read a contract and many more helpful homebuying tips and pitfalls to avoid. To find out when the next homebuying seminar will be held, call 559-998-4042.

The median cost of purchasing a house near NAS Lemoore starts at $175,000 with the typical three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home costing about $225,000. The local housing market has the same ups and downs that other areas experience. Because this is a military town, there are always new people arriving who desire to own their own home.

Mobile homes: There are no mobile home parks at the installation, but there are several community mobile home parks in Lemoore and Hanford. If you are bringing a home with you, most parks have available space for existing homes. You should make arrangements before you arrive. The Housing Service Center can provide you with a current listing of availabilities.

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