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Strike Fighter Wing Pacific supports the West Coast strike fighter community. In fact, the sign as you enter Reeves Field clearly states: to train, maintain, man and equip F/A-18 Hornet and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter squadrons in support of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. The wing, headquartered at NAS Lemoore, ensures that each strike fighter squadron homeported at the air station is fully combat-ready to conduct carrier-based, all-weather, attack, fighter and support missions for the Pacific Fleet.


Four carrier air wings are stationed at NAS Lemoore.

Carrier Air Wing 2 prepares and provides combat-ready airborne forces for on-call surge or scheduled deployed operations in support of Carl Vinson Strike Group Commander objectives.

Carrier Air Wing 9 is tasked with coordinating offensive and defensive air operations, attacking air, surface and subsurface targets afloat and ashore. The wing also supports other forces by:

  • Conducting all-weather offensive air-to-surface attacks.
  • Intercepting and destroying enemy aircraft and missiles in all weather conditions to establish and maintain local air superiority.
  • Detecting, localizing and destroying enemy ships and submarines in all weather conditions to establish and maintain local sea control.
  • Providing aerial photographic, sighting and electronic intelligence for naval and joint operations.
  • Providing airborne early warning service to fleet forces and shore warning nets under all weather conditions.
  • Providing airborne electronic countermeasures.
  • Conducting in-flight refueling operations to extend the range and endurance of air wing aircraft.
  • Performing all-weather mining operations.
  • Conducting search-and-rescue operations.

Carrier Air Wing 11 delivers “speed and violence” and is currently assigned to USS Nimitz (CVN 68), homeported at Naval Station Everett, Washington. When not embarked to the Nimitz, the wing’s headquarters is at NAS Lemoore.

Carrier Air Wing 17 proudly serves at the “tip of the spear,” deploying aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) and supporting 10 carrier air wing squadrons while serving at the forefront of the global war on terrorism.


Fleet Readiness Center West provides the highest quality intermediate and depot level aviation maintenance, component repair and logistics support to the fleet, both locally and around the world, in the fastest, safest, most cost-efficient manner possible. Fleet Readiness Center West enhances fleet readiness and combat capability for war fighters.

The command consists of more than 1,600 dedicated personnel comprised of active-duty and reserve sailors and Marines, civil service employees and supporting contractors.

Other aviation maintenance activities belonging to the FRCW organization structure are at NAS Fallon, Nevada; Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, California; and the Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, Texas.


From its inception in 1973 until today, the mission of the Strike Fighter Weapons School Pacific has expanded from the simple, yet critical task of teaching ordnance-loading procedures to providing formal, standardized, graduate-level training through curricula covering every aspect of F/A-18 weapons employment. The school is dedicated to guaranteeing the combat readiness of the strike fighter community by providing the best possible training in mission planning, tactics, weapons systems and ordnance handling to ensure every squadron is prepared to enter any combat contingency and win.

Thirty weapons and tactics courses for strike fighter aircraft are taught on a continuing basis to fleet squadrons, reserve squadrons and naval air stations. The amount of ordnance uploaded in courses offered at the school totals more than 2.5 million pounds annually.


The Aviation Survival Training Center Lemoore is a department of the Navy Medicine Operational Training Center of Pensacola, Florida. The center’s mission is to maximize the performance and survivability of Navy and Marine Corps aircrew under the rigorous conditions of naval aviation. That mission is accomplished through the Naval Aviation Survival Training Program. Through didactic classroom or squadron lectures, simulator devices and a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on exposure to survival skills, the center offers the best survival training available to the fleet.


The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit Lemoore’s mission is to produce sailors and Marines with the necessary FA-18 knowledge, skills and abilities to function at the highest technical standards in naval aviation maintenance. The unit trains and supplies the fleet with trained aviation maintenance technicians so commands can perform their primary mission ashore, at sea and in combat.

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