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Strike Fighter Country!

Strike Fighter Country!

The sign as you enter Reeves Field, the base’s operations area, clearly defines NAS Lemoore’s primary mission — to train, maintain, man and equip F/A-18 Hornet strike fighter squadrons in support of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Every organization in the operations area directly supports the ability of the base’s homeported strike fighter squadrons to deploy aboard Pacific Fleet aircraft carriers.

The strike fighter wing, headquartered here, ensures each strike fighter squadron is fully combat-ready to conduct carrier-based, all-weather, attack, fighter and support missions for the Pacific Fleet. The carrier air wings coordinate offensive and defensive air operations for assigned Pacific Fleet carrier battle strike groups, which include F/A-18 strike fighter squadrons from Lemoore.

The Strike Fighter Weapons School, Pacific, provides the best possible training in mission planning, tactics, weapon systems and ordnance handling to ensure every squadron is prepared to enter any combat contingency and win.

The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit provides the highest quality training for aviation maintenance technicians so that commands can perform their primary mission ashore, at sea and in combat.

Other units that provide essential support for the strike fighter operation include Fleet Readiness Center West, a major industrial maintenance complex; Air Operations, which controls more than 250,000 military and civilian flights annually; an Aviation Survival Training Center; and a Naval Air Technical Data and Engineering support unit. These and many additional support organizations ensure all strike fighter squadron aircraft, aircrew, maintainers, armament specialists and support personnel are ready to deploy whenever called.


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