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Naval Air Station Meridian supports dozens of tenant commands providing aviation and technical training. It accomplishes its mission of “Training the Warfighter” by providing timely, quality services and facilities in an environmentally safe, secure community. Departments working under the commanding officer form the backbone for the entire installation’s functioning.

In March 2017, NAS and Training Air Wing One hosted the second lady of the United States, Karen Pence, for Women’s History Month at special event attended by 300 military spouses who enjoyed a reception following. In November, Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence visited NAS Meridian on Thanksgiving Day. They, along with their children, served lunch and visited with military members in the dining room of the Lance Cpl. Roy M. Wheat Galley.

In May 2017, the Navy, Tennessee Valley Authority, East Mississippi Electric Power Association and Silicon Ranch Corporation broke ground on a 6-MW solar generation facility that will upgrade electrical infrastructure and microgrid controls to provide enough solar power to sustain base needs during utility outages, thus increasing energy resiliency and security.

Meridian continued its tradition of sustained superior service to the Fleet, Fighter and Family, earning a number of consecutive awards, including its fifth SECNAV Gold Level Energy Award, its fourth Retention Excellence Award; the Roy M. Wheat Galley earned its sixth Ney Five-Star accreditation.

With a continued commitment to safety, security and energy, NAS security conducted two Auxiliary Security Force Academies where 29 individuals from various commands were trained to provide crucial capabilities to increase force protection. NAS was only installation in NAVFAC Southeast to receive authorization for an Energy Capitol Improvement Project to retrofit all facilities with interior LED lighting, saving 10,822MBTU or $292,256 annually.


The Administrative Services Department provides general administrative services for NAS Meridian. Responsibilities include: processing military personnel matters with the Personnel Support Detachment, Pensacola, Florida; processing special requests, e-leave, TAD orders, evaluations and command correspondence; and maintaining command directives and correspondence files.


The Air Operations Department operates McCain Field and Joe Williams Field. Its primary mission is to support Training Air Wing One undergraduate pilot training. Additional services are furnished to support operations for NAS Meridian and transient aircrews. Air Operations earned a grade of “Outstanding” on the annual Carrier Airfield Suitability Unit recertification for the 23rd consecutive year.

Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control Division is a Class IVB Approach Control Facility that provides airport traffic control and terminal area control services. The facility may originate IFR and special VFR ATC clearances. Low approach and landing, and flight planning services are provided.

Airfield Management

The airfield manager conducts daily airfield inspections prior to opening the runways for operational use. Airfield management coordinates all airfield repairs and maintenance for both McCain and Joe Williams fields.

Field Support

Field Support personnel maintain the runway aircraft arresting gear and conduct salvage operations in the event of an aircraft mishap. Additionally, they provide parking and flight line services for transient aircraft.

Navy Munitions Command (NMC) Ordnance

NMC Ordnance is comprised of military and civilian personnel whose mission is to support the tenant commands by providing ordnance for training the Navy’s newest pilots. Personnel receive, store, issue and ship ordnance on a daily basis. Ordnance Division also supports NAS Meridian’s Security Force in the procurement of all arms and ammunition.

Ground Electronics Maintenance

Ground Electronics Maintenance Division (GEMD) ensures all assigned UHF, VHF and FM radio communications, air navigation aids, weather monitoring and reporting equipment, and precision approach radars required to conduct safe and effective flight operations around NAS Meridian and its outlying field operate at or above designed performance standards. GEMD also provides sound support services and functions as point of contact for matters related to frequency management and equipment configuration.


Emergency Management is a comprehensive program established, implemented and sustained to provide an effective means to prepare, mitigate, respond and recover from all hazards of both natural and man-made disasters in order to save lives, protect property and sustain mission readiness. The EM Department Emergency Operation Center serves as a collective information-gathering point to assist in the dissemination of information to the base, surrounding areas and region. EM also collaborates with Lauderdale Emergency Management Agency in the continued support of a local emergency planning committee. The NAS Meridian Disaster Information Line, 601-679-2152, is a prerecorded line that offers up-to-date information during emergencies.


The mission of the NAS Meridian Fire and Emergency Services Department is to provide the air station and its tenant activities with a comprehensive fire and emergency services capability. The organizational goal is to provide response, prevention and education to support military mission readiness by protecting Sailors and Marines, regional law enforcement officers, family members, public and private property, and the environment from the perils of fire, hazardous materials, medical emergencies, and man-made and natural disasters.

NAS Meridian firefighters are called upon to respond to a wide range of incidents, including aircraft rescue firefighting, structural fire operations, vehicle extrications, confined space rescue operations, hazardous materials, natural disasters, forest fires and emergency medical services, including basic life support transportation. During all emergency responses, the NAS Meridian Fire & Emergency Services’ priority is to protect life, property and the environment. In order to provide an optimum program, the department has prioritized the following values:

  • Personnel Safety: Everyone goes home.
  • Service Excellence: Provide effective and efficient emergency services.
  • Professional Courtesy: Promote community relations through prevention programs and training.

In the event of an emergency on board NAS Meridian, dial 911.


The mission of the NAS Meridian IT Department is to provide station personnel with reliable, high-quality voice, data, video and Enterprise Land Mobile Radio (ELMR) services to facilitate effective and efficient war-fighter training. The Assistant Contract Technical Representative (ACTR) supports users by assisting them with any NMCI (Navy-Marine Corps Intranet) issues or questions, as well as user accounts and desktop support. The Information System Security Manager (ISSM) provides information assurance training and enforcement and assists users on a daily basis with any issues that may arise.


The Regional Legal Service Office Southeast Detachment Meridian has a staff of one lawyer (staff judge advocate) and one paralegal. The Legal Office is available to provide limited legal assistance such as notary services, ad valorem tax forms and powers of attorney to all military personnel, military retirees and their dependents. The legal office can also process requests for information under FOIA and the Privacy Act, as well as get members started on claims paperwork when their property is damaged by the government, either by military move or otherwise.

For either more complicated legal assistance matters or for assistance from a defense attorney, the Legal Office can refer clients to attorneys specializing in those practice areas, both of whom are in Gulfport, Mississippi, but can provide services over the phone after the referral is completed in the Legal Office. The legal assistance attorney can assist with matters pertaining to wills, contract disputes, divorce, separation, landlord-tenant matters, debt collection, nonsupport, paternity, automobile accidents, traffic citations, adoption and insurance problems. The defense attorney is from a separate command and will provide dedicated defense services to service members referred to his or her office.

To ensure complete service, the Legal Office requires in-person office consultation and cannot provide legal assistance over the telephone.

Mississippi Information

The following information is frequently of interest to people stationed in Mississippi. However, legal rules and procedures may vary with the specifics of your situation. Contact the Legal Office for more information.

Legal Residence

The Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act permits military personnel to retain their original legal residence, normally their home of record, throughout their military career, regardless of where the individual may be stationed. While at Meridian, you have the option of retaining your original legal residence or adopting Mississippi as your legal residence for purposes of taxation and voting.

Income Tax

The military family is responsible for complying with all federal income tax and any applicable state income, personal property, real estate or other taxes. If you claim residency in another state, you do not need to pay Mississippi income tax on your military pay. You need only file and pay taxes in that state for your military income. However, you must pay Mississippi income tax on other income earned in Mississippi, regardless of your state of legal residence.

Homestead Exemption

People owning real estate in Mississippi must pay Mississippi real estate tax regardless of their state of residence.

Military members stationed at Meridian and living in their own home may apply to the county tax assessor for a homestead exemption. This exemption entitles the military member to a reduced real estate tax. However, to be entitled to the exemption, you must declare Mississippi as your legal residence for tax purposes and pay all other state income and personal property taxes.

If a homeowner chooses not to claim homestead exemption, the homeowner of a single-family, owner-occupied home can take other action to minimize property taxes. The new homeowner should advise the local county tax collector about the purchase of a home.


The Public Affairs Office gathers, disseminates and coordinates the internal and external public affairs programs of the naval air station and its tenant commands.

Assistance is provided in coordinating and advertising special events or activities of NAS Meridian and its tenant commands, including open houses, air shows, changes of command, winging ceremonies, holiday observances and more.

Press releases concerning personnel, events, accidents and other activities on board the naval air station are prepared and disseminated to local media or Navywide publications.

The Public Affairs Office coordinates publication of the base guide, base map and the civilian enterprise newspaper, The Skyline. The staff also oversees the NAS Meridian website, , and its Facebook page at

Tours on board the naval air station and tenant commands are coordinated by the Public Affairs Office, and periodic appearances on local radio and television are coordinated by the staff. Media representatives are welcomed for news conferences, briefings, interviews and coverage of major events.

The Public Affairs staff is always happy to assist you. The office is in Administration Building 255, Room 163. Phone: 601-679-2602/2318.


The Safety Department of NAS Meridian provides safety guidance and training to all hands, encouraging a safe and healthful environment in which to work and live. The department’s main objective is to provide a safe and healthful workplace to all employees and reduce mishaps. This is accomplished through safety and occupational health inspections, explosive safety inspections, safety and occupational health training, medical surveillance, traffic safety training and a thorough hazardous materials management program.

The Enterprise Safety Applications Management System is used to track and monitor all aspects of the safety and health programs. Serving as installation administrators, the safety staff is available to provide guidance and assistance to all personnel on board the installation and aid them in obtaining a better understanding of the ESAMS program and how they can use this tool to best serve their needs.

In order to pass on information pertaining to accident prevention and safety awareness, the Safety Department, under the Base Operating Support/Host Tenant Agreement, sponsors quarterly and monthly safety meetings with members from all departments on the base. In addition to these meetings, the Safety Department maintains records and statistics on occupational, recreational, and off-duty safety and traffic safety mishaps and conducts safety training to better identify hazardous situations. The office also maintains a large video library on a multitude of safety subjects, which can be checked out for viewing and training.


The Security Department at Naval Air Station Meridian is tasked with providing professional law enforcement and physical security service for the installation by protecting life and property and providing a safe environment. The department is comprised of military and civil service law enforcement personnel in the Operations Division, and the department also is composed of a Training Division and Pass and ID.

Among the services provided by the department are station and perimeter security, anti-terrorism and force protection, traffic control, vehicle registration, firearm registration and vacation home checks for on-station residents.

The high-caliber professional law enforcement personnel of NAS Meridian provide the station with a safe and secure environment for host command personnel, tenant command personnel and their families.

If you live in Navy Family Housing, your firearms must be registered with Security, in Building 423, immediately upon move in of residence. For more information, call Security office at 601-679-2508 or 601-604-2340.


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