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Public Works is responsible for a wide variety of utility and facility management, support services and functions including: utility and facility planning and programming, engineering, design and construction, maintenance, alteration, repair and disposal. Public Works functions include: pest control services, maintenance coordination of the base electrical grid, operation and maintenance of the base water plant, management of the vehicular transportation fleet and management of the energy conservation program. Public Works also supports many NAS Meridian facility service contracts such as janitorial services, grounds maintenance, refuse collection and disposal, and various other specialty services (e.g. elevators, biohazard waste, fire suppression, grease collection, oil-water separators, etc.).

The Public Works Transportation Branch manages the vehicular transportation fleet and services including operation and maintenance of both government-owned and GSA-leased vehicles and equipment. Transportation also maintains all weight handling equipment, emergency generators, unpaved roads and the target at the bombing range.

The Public Works Environmental Division manages a number of environmental protection programs to include: soil, water, air, fish and wildlife programs; hazardous/solid waste control; and recycling programs. Environmental ensures that the station is in compliance with all federal, state and local environmental protection laws and regulations by implementing mandated policies and programs. It also provides technical support to Public Works, NAS Meridian and Fire & Emergency Services for environmental emergencies.


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