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Battleborn Brew Smoked Coffee
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Battleborn Brew is “The coffee with a purpose bigger than the bag it’s in!”, on a quest to help Veterans and others in need by creating groundbreaking smoked coffee. Battleborn BBQ (dba Battleborn Brew) is family-owned and operated by husband and wife, Drew and Cherie’. Drew is an active-duty Army Soldier who saw a need and created change. Cherie’ is an artist and creator who brings value, meaning, and creativity to every product that you see.


According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs*, a count conducted in 2020 estimated that 37,252 Veterans were experiencing homelessness in one night. As a community, we have a responsibility to help nurture and care for one another. Together, we can, and will, support those who have sacrificed so much for our country and also seek to assist others needing a “hand UP”. We invite all our consumers to be involved in this grassroots movement to cultivate community and change through experiencing our smoked coffees and coffee-related products.


Battleborn Brew offers a collection of rich, smokey coffee in the form of whole beans, grounds, and single-serve pods. The military community invites the coffee community into their world through captivating names like The HUMVEE, Ammo Can, and Rapid Fire. Many Battleborn Brew drinkers report that Battleborn is the only coffee they can enjoy black. With extreme smoothness, zero bitterness, and fast shipping, Battleborn Brew is leaving its undeniable impact on the coffee industry, bringing them one step closer to offering a hand UP to Veterans and others in need. In addition to exceptional coffee, Battleborn Brew offers beautiful dishwasher-safe tumblers that will keep your coffee hot for hours. You can also find custom laser-engraved coasters to enhance the experience of your morning coffee while adding character to your space. If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy one of our coffee-infused snacks, like Battle Bark created by Dilly Cakes or Battleborn Brew Biscotti created by Great Harvest Bread Co.


We love working with other businesses and organizations that want to better the world around us and help others. Please contact us via our FB Messenger, at (254) 368-1011, or at /, and let’s take the next steps together!
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