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Preplanning is essential for newcomers moving to NAS Oceana or Dam Neck Annex, whether for a permanent change of station, a temporary duty assignment or a school tour.

There are a number of actions military members should take as soon as they receive permanent change of station (PCS) orders: actions such as arranging movement of household goods, requesting military family housing (if desired), arranging temporary quarters for house hunting and enrolling children in the on-base Child Development Center program (if appropriate).

Newcomers are encouraged to contact their local personal property office as soon as possible after receiving orders to arrange shipment of household goods. Most of this process can now be done online using the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) at  (See the Housing chapter’s “Personal Property Shipping Office” section for details.)

All single Sailors and Marines E-4 and below with less than four years’ service will likely be required to reside in Unaccompanied Military Quarters on base. Others are eligible to live in the local commuting area, if desired. Military families can apply to live in on-base housing or reside in the local community.

In most cases, military commands and military schools at Oceana and Dam Neck will make room assignments in advance for full-time, single military personnel and students living on base. Assignment of rooms will maintain unit integrity. Unaccompanied personnel assigned to these dormitories should report directly to the Unaccompanied Housing Office upon arrival. Normally, there will be no need for temporary quarters. However, Dam Neck students on per diem orders are sent to Navy Gateway Inns & Suites in Building 566A, Stethem Hall.

Information about military family housing and off-base homes and rental property is available from the Navy Housing Service Center in Norfolk, which supports all military installations in the Hampton Roads area. Newcomers can inquire about housing availability as soon as PCS orders are received by calling 757-445-5039 or toll free at 800-628-7510. See the Housing chapter for details.

Temporary lodging can be arranged at Navy Gateway Inns & Suites at either NAS Oceana or Dam Neck Annex or at the Navy Lodge at Dam Neck, as appropriate.

Military families requiring child care can get on the Child Development Center waiting list for either NAS Oceana or Dam Neck Annex by calling 757-444-3670 any time after PCS orders are received.

New personnel should hear from a gaining command sponsor shortly after receiving orders. If not, contact your gaining unit and ask for your sponsor’s name and phone number. Your gaining command sponsor should provide a mailing address where letters can be forwarded until a permanent address can be established.

Before departing home, remember to hand carry important paperwork such as military service record, PCS orders, marriage certificates, immunization records of children, household goods inventory lists, military ID cards, vehicle information, a copy of the “Page 2” or proof of dependents, and copies of family medical records. While traveling, be sure to document all travel expenses for reimbursement.

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