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Pensacola Unaccompanied Housing (Corry Station Center for Information Dominance)

Buildings 3701, 3702, 3703, 3704, 3705, 3707, 3708, 3709, 3710, 3715, 3716, 3717, 1082, 1084, 1090 and 1094

A vital part of the NAS Pensacola outfit, Corry Station CID is approximately 3 miles from mainside. Award-winning service by the staff will provide you with a fine place to live with fantastic customer service. The site consists of 15 buildings and all buildings are for students in the intelligence schools. Mariner’s Roost is the name of the complex.

Within Mariner’s Roost, the unaccompanied housing complex onboard Corry Station, student residents will find vending areas, laundry facilities, game rooms with large-screen televisions and computers with internet access, picnic areas with tables and grills, volleyball courts, basketball courts and horseshoe tossing pits.

MWR facilities are within easy walking distance; including a bowling alley, swimming pool, auto hobby shop, gym, wellness center and many other facilities. Public transportation is available between locations via Escambia County area transit service. Contact the staff for assistance.

Corry CID UH front desk 850-452-6609/6541
Front desk supervisor 850-452-6188
Fax 850-452-6685
Corry CID UH complexmanager 850-452-6594
Deputy UH manager 850-452-2007

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