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Electronic Attack Weapons School

Electronic Attack Weapons School


The Electronic Attack Weapons School (EAWS) provides comprehensive, formal training to EA-6B Prowler and EA-18G Growler aircrew, intelligence, ordnance and maintenance personnel.

The school acts as the central repository for all EA-6B and EA-18G tactical matters. The EAWS staff, composed of approximately 35 officers, enlisted personnel and civilians, is responsible for providing a graduate-level curriculum that prepares EA-6B and EA-18G squadrons for deployment around the world. Flight-side training support is continually provided to squadrons, locally or deployed.

EAWS is the community manager for the EA-6B and EA-18G Weapons and Tactics Program used to train Prowler and Growler aircrew. In addition, EAWS conducts a three-week Advanced Readiness Program for squadrons that are just beginning the pre-deployment training cycle. The Weapons School also publishes the quarterly Electronic Attack News, a professional journal that provides emerging tactical information relevant to the electronic warfare community.

EAWS intelligence specialists and cryptologic technicians provide tailored support to the EA-6B and EA-18G communities by way of academic courses, briefings and daily intelligence highlights derived from various sources around the world. These updates ensure the entire electronic attack community is kept informed as to the type of threats squadrons will encounter on their deployments.

EAWS aviation ordnancemen and electronics technicians annually instruct more than 600 fleet maintenance personnel in weapons-related courses. EAWS staff also assist in conducting Conventional Weapons Technical Proficiency Inspections and Technical Assist Visits designed to standardize and certify aircraft handling procedures.


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