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Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Agency Main Line (NCIS/13): 360-257-3359
Fax: 360-257-3620

Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Resident Agency Whidbey Island, in Building 13 on the Seaplane Base, falls under the NCIS Field Office Northwest in Silverdale, Washington. NCIS is a worldwide federal law enforcement agency that has primary investigative and counterintelligence jurisdiction within the Department of the Navy (DON), including the U.S. Marine Corps, and maintains a presence in every state and country in which DON assets are stationed, visit or operate.

NCIS Resident Agency (NCISRA) Whidbey Island covers Washington’s Island, Skagit, San Juan and Whatcom counties, as well as the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Northwest Territories. NCIS Field Office Northwest also covers all of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Montana, and is actively engaged on Joint Terrorism Task Forces and Joint Narcotics Tasks Forces throughout the area.

NCISRA Whidbey Island consists of five special agents and one investigator, with mission priorities being the prevention of terrorism, protection of technology, research and classified programs, and reduction of crime affecting DON. NCISRA Whidbey Island conducts investigations of felony-level offenses such as murder, sexual assault, child abuse, aggravated assault, theft of high-value government property, identity theft, computer crimes, and narcotics trafficking and use committed by or against Navy and DON civilians. NCIS also assists commands by obtaining details and disposition of cases occurring off base involving DON personnel that are investigated by other civilian law enforcement agencies.

The NCIS fraud mission targets major procurement fraud and allegations of bribery, antitrust, conflict of interest, environmental crimes and cost mischarging, as well as government charge card fraud.

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